What makes this year’s World Cup especially interesting is that people can’t quite decide, which group to dub ‘The Group of Death’. Group B with Holland, Spain and Chile – Group D with Uruguay, England and Italy, - or Group G with Germany, Portugal , Ghana and Team USA. In our World Cup group rundown we have reached group G, which is a group, certain to spike emotions.

Group G is definitely a candidate, when looking at groups you don’t want to be a part of. Actually Group G contains 4 teams, which all made it out of the group stages, at the last World Cup in South Africa. This definitely tells its own story about the group, where Germany, Portugal, Ghana and America all want to make sure they have a better World Cup than last.

There are some very spicy fixtures in Group G. Already in the first round things kick-off in style, with the two group favourites, Portugal and Germany clashing. Jürgen Klinsmann, who is the manager for Team USA, will have to face his home-nation Germany, while the Boateng brothers once again face off, as Germany take on Ghana for the second World Cup in a row.

Even though Germany have one of the toughest groups at the World Cup, we think the list of people, who don’t think ‘Die Mannschaft’ will do well, is rather short. Out of 17 appearances at the World Cup, they have made it to the later stages 16 times and with the form, which the German side has showed the few years, we see no reason why that would change.

Germany turn up with a star-studded squad and for many they are the early favourites to win the whole thing. Adidas have done what they can to give the Germans the upper hand, with a shirt that exudes pride and tradition. The red wing across the chest represents the passion and love the people feel for football, every time the players step on the pitch.

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There will be a very special feeling surrounding this World Cup for Portugal. Not only because the host-nation is an old Portuguese colony, but mostly because earlier this year one of Portugal’s biggest legends died tragically. Eusebio will always be remembered for his central role, in Portugal’s best ever finish at a World Cup, when they in 1966 secured bronze. So when the Portuguese head for Brazil there will be a strong feeling of honouring Eusebio and showing him the respect he indisputably deserves.

At the World Cup Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. will play in a shirt that honour previous times of grandeur, while still having a modern and stylish design. Portugal haven’t made it past the quarterfinals since they made it to the semi-finals in 1966, so it will be exciting to see if Cristiano can spur them on, as they play – almost – at home.

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In Ghana they are still drying their eyes following the heart wrenching World Cup exit in 2010. A missed penalty in the last minute turned out to be fatal for the Ghanese, who could have been the first African team to make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup. The Black Stars, as they are referred to, therefore have a point to prove, as they head into this year’s tournament.

The World Cup in Brazil is just Ghana’s third showing and that is actually as many times, as Puma have been in charge of producing the Ghana shirts. They have made one of the best looking shirts at the World Cup, with cool African symbolism and inspired by African culture. The shoulders are made with the stars that also inspire the teams nickname and the players can therefore feel strong relation to their new World Cup shirt.

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USA are the last nation in the potent Group F and with Jürgen Klinsmann are the helm since 2011, the Americans have been waiting with great excitement for this World Cup. Klinsmann joined just after the otherwise very successful World Cup in South Africa and he has since then been building his own “Team USA”, preparing them for their tenth appearance at a World Cup. Klinsmann will particularly look forward to his showdown with Germany, where he hopes to do one over against his own country.

USA are a proud nation that have never been scared to display their patriotism to the world. Nike have helped the brand with a new shirt that also shows this national pride, which Dempsey and Co. feel. The white shirt is still slightly more toned down than previous USA shirts and that might be because Nike want to save some of the flashness for the pitch, rather than the kit.

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Group G could very be the hardest group at this year’s World Cup. With four nations ready to battle it out, who all did well at the last major tournament, none of the teams want to give up without leaving the group stages. We look forward to seeing how the group develops and if any of the two favourites stumble on the way to the final stages. What do you think Group G will finish?