This summer there is no getting around it. If you want to be the last team, at the top of the pile, then you need to be willing to sacrifice it all. Fight for every inch and be willing to face the end of it all for your teammates, for your entire country. It isn't very hard. It's black on white. It all in or nothing. It is the Battle Pack.

With precisely a month until the entire world sets their sights on the worlds biggest football event, Adidas have presented their World Cup line-up. And if you thought Nike's previously unveiled World Cup-collection would steal all the attention, think again, because Adidas have provided some very potent competition. With a very eye-catching design Adidas give their players: The Battle Pack.

The Battle Pack is the visual representation of Adidas' “All in or Nothing” campaign, which is all about giving everything you have, to make it to the top. To illustrate their point Adidas have designed the boots with a completely equal spread of white and black. With only three yellow Adidas stripes representing the ultimate prize in world football, the iconic FIFA World Cup trophy.

The design is actually inspired by age old warpaint, which early native Brazilian warriors used, as well as iconic pavement patterns, from the ancient Mesopotamia that can now be seen on the streets of Copacabana Beach. Every single model has a pattern that expresses exactly the attitude and ability that each boot possess; speed, courage, control, energy and agility.

The patterns are inspired by the most characteristic animals, which everyday battle to be the kings of the Amazonian jungle. Here Adidas have chosen the snake, crocodiles, even the massive armadillo and the venomous Green tree frog.

If we zoom in on each boot, then we can see that there has been made room for small changes and enhancements on them all. If we start with Adidas' speed demon, then we can see that Adidas have taken Messi's feedback to heart. They have kept the SpeedFoil material on the heel, but have this time chosen to cover it with the leather-emulating material HybirdTouch, just like on Messi's signature boot.

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Speedfoil is an ultra lightweight mesh-material that makes sure the boots weight is kept low. besides keeping the weight down, Speedfoil also helps support the foot and give that extra lock-down effect.

On the front foot of the boot it still has DribbleTex, but Adidas have on this model chosen to use the special pattern design, as the starting point for the placement of the sticky stripes, with the sticky stripes following the black spots on the boots upper. The sole is also still the Sprintframe 2.0, while the stud-configuration is the same SpeedTraxion we know and love for its great combination of acceleration, rotation and sharp turns.

Adidas also have a true Predator in their arsenal and here we are naturally talking about the Predator. It has a new name and is now called the Predator Instinct. The boot is known for its unique zones, which are placed strategically on the boot, to optimise certain aspects of your play. First and foremost this boot stands out by being the only one that has a white on black design, whereas the others are black on white.

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If we look beyond the different set of skin, the boot also has seen significant changes to the zones shape. They come in zig-zag shapes and this is a result of player feedback. The functions are still the same – it's all about the five lethal elements: Drive, Pass, Dribble, Touch and Sweet Spot, but Adidas have tried to optimise their effects by changing the shapes.

The outsole doesn't come with the Sprintframe any more, but instead has a TPU based outsole, which gives greater flexibility. The boot has also been equipped with a ControlFrame that is still the well-known Traxion 2.0-system, but the studs placement has been modified a bit. The middle stud has been moved in towards the middle of the sole, to provide extra support, when dribbling and changing direction.

From the Predator we move on to the energy-bomb, the Nitrocharge. The boot is aimed towards “The Engine” and it has naturally also been given a little World Cup makeover and had a few modifications to optimise the boots capabilities. The most characteristic element of the boot is the EnergySling that runs across the instep and lateral side of the boot. It is naturally still on the boot and has been made transparent, so the patterned design isn't broken.

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The most interesting change does however come the way of the front foot, where Adidas have chosen to place more stitches than we are used to seeing on the Nitrocharge. Instead the boots forefoot resembles the AdiPure-collection in many ways, as these stitches give a better fit around the foot.

Unlike on the Predator, Adidas have chosen to keep the well known Sprintframe. Another feature that stays is the Energypulse technology, which gives a more energetic kick-off. This technology helps to underline the message that this boot is made for the player that cannot be tired, who works like the teams engine and doesn't shy away from a tough tackle.

The last boot that has been given a Battle Pack design is Adidas' comfort boot, the Adipure 11Pro. On top of a new design, the new 11Pro comes with a brand new upper from Adidas' Hybridtouch material. It has therefore dropped an upper of leather and changed to the leather-emulating synthetic. On top of this, the stitches on the upper have also been given a new pattern. The new and improved stitches are made to optimise comfort and support the foot in more situations.

One thing that could have been improved on the Adidas 11Pro was the area around the heel-counter and this is naturally something the German super brand has addressed. They have given the boot more support in this area, so you now have far greater lockdown.

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The sole is still their very popular ComfortFrame, which we know from the newest generation and all love, because of the great comfort it brings. A redesigned stud-configuration to improve grip has also been implemented, with an extra stud in the middle of the forefoot, to give better dispersion of pressure.

All in all the Battle Pack is a more aggressive set of football boots, which are all ready to fight to the very last. The World Cup is the cake that everyone wants a piece of and there is no time to rest of your laurels. The Battle Pack is designed to give a visually intimidating presence and the warpaint design certainly delivers. For the World Cup it's black and white. It's all in or nothing. It's the Battle Pack.

The Battle Pack represents Adidas' World Cup line-up and it comes in a very daring design, which we will definitely be seeing much more of under the Brazilian sun. Stars like Luis Suarez, Dani Alves, Oscar and Lahm will be wearing these boots and hoping to bring home the gold. Who are you looking forward to seeing in the Battle Pack the most? What do you think about the design itself? Tell us in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.