AC Milan are in quite a good launch mood and have today given us a look at the Rossoneri’s new home-shirt, as well as their new away shirt, which Honda, Balotelli, El Shaarawy will wear already on the 18th of May. The home-shirt has been updated in many ways, but especially the logo has been changed. Join us, as we go into details with it here.

We all know it – the black/red AC Milan football shirt, which with its vertical stripes creates an iconic look, so you are not a second in doubt that it is the red half of Milan, who are taking to the San Siro pitch. With the latest home-shirt Adidas have however mixed things up – and AC Milans new football shirt is therefore nothing like before.

For the first time ever Adidas have made AC Milans home-shirt, so the black and white stripes are now varied in both width and colour. The shirt is built up around a white central black stripe, while the red stripes are different in nuances. This is not something seen before on an AC Milan shirt and we are big fans of it – what do you guys think?

But this is not the only new addition; the Rossoneri’s usual logo has been replaced by the iconic St. George’s Cross – which in Italy is called the St. Ambrose Cross. It is a part of AC Milans logo and is the official flag of Milan. AC Milan wore it as their logo up until the 1940’s, so it is a cool return for an old historic feature.

Not to worry though Milan fans – the regular AC Milan logo isn’t completely forgotten, but has been added as a tone-in-tone design, inside the St. Ambrose cross. An elegant and cheeky detail. We tip our hats, as it is a great way to honour one of Italy’s most historic clubs.

Technology-wise AC Milans new home shirt is made with Adidas’ Adizero-technology (No not the football boot). It is an ultralight material, which ensures great breathability and movability – no matter if Milan play in the north or south of Italy.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce these new AC Milan football shirts, which are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation” Says Jean Michel Granier, who is the managing director of Adidas South Europe."

What do you think about AC Milans new home-shirt and what do you think about the new logo design and different stripes? Share your thoughts with us in the comment-section down below, or on Twitter and Facebook.