We think it's fair to say that the World Cup is among the biggest of football stages in the world, where great players have the chance to write themselves into the history books and become national heroes. Nike encourage their players to “Risk Everything” in their new campaign, which we will now take a closer look at right here.

On the world's biggest football stage – the World Cup 2014 in Brazil this summer – you will need to put in an extra effort in order to make the difference with the massive expectations that are put on the shoulders of the biggest stars – and here Nike encourage to not just play it safe – because football belongs to those who take risks.

Risk Everything is about you creating an advantage – and Nike therefore encourage you to do the unexpected. The fact the the unexpected may also be a bit risky, is just something you need to deal with – and as Nike say; “ football belongs to those who take risks.”

Modern football will be lead by the players who dare to make a difference, run risks and do the unexpected, even if some may say it is impossible. When Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar and all the other big stars take to the pitch for the World Cup, they are ready to do the unexpected and run the risks – even if the whole world is watching.

leading up to the World Cup, the Nike stars are also equipped with the perfect weapons to run risks, and regardless if you are looking for an elegant touch with the Tiempo Legend V, deadly control with the CTR360 Maestri III, poisonous agility with the Hypervenom Phantom or explosive speed with the Mercurial Vapor, the options are a plenty for CR7, Neymar, Rooney and co.

But it is not just on the Brazilian pitches on the great World Cup stadiums that people will be playing football this summer; Brazil is a country where football is played both in the streets and on the beaches. Therefore, Nike have also provided their FC247 collection with a new look including graphics inspired by Brazil.

In the FC247 collection, the three shoes are ready to play football anywhere, any time. Are you into the more barefoot-like ball feel (or indoor play), the Nike Elastico Pro Finale II is tailored for you.

Do you play street football or prefer a bit support and a soft leather upper, the Nike Lunargato II Premium is a good choice – and are you playing on artificial grass, it is very much worth it to look into the Nike Bomba Finale II.

Often times there is a connection between great players and players who are not afraid to run a few risks and play like if no one is watching. The player who thinks in alternative ways and is not afraid to on instinct. The player who can produce the unexpected move or strike. The player who can make the difference. Are you this player? Then take the risk.

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In other words, Nike are definitely ready to take risks and pull the unexpected move for this summer's World Cup in Brazil – but are you ready? Take your football passion to a social level and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.