The World Cup in Brazil will be the Americans 10th major tournament. Since 1990 “Team USA” have attended every World Cup. Still that being said, not many give the Americans much hope in Brazil, when Dempsey & co. will face Germany, Portugal and Ghana. In their opening match against Ghana USA will probably need their new away-shirt and here Nike have hooked them up.

The American national team are, like their flag, often referred to as “The Stars and Stripes” and while Adidas gave the country an away-shirt with stars on it in 1994, Nike have gone for the stripes here 20 years later. The American World Cup away-shirt will be made with 3 the three colours from their flag – red, white and blue.

You can pre-order Clint Dempsey's away-shirt now – just €78.

The design is, as you may have guessed, a reflection of the proud feeling of patriotism the Americans are known for having. With red being the dominant colour, it moves upwards into a white stripe, finishing in blue at the top. To complete the design the pattern runs all the way out to the sleeves and this gives the shirt a modern and stylish look.

As opposed to the home-shirt the collar is made in a classic and simple round shape and at the same time the American football associations logo isn't made from the well known, Red/White/Blue colours. Instead it's just a simple blue and white.

Just like with the other national teams Nike have made shirts for, the USA's home-shirt also has the very newest technologies. The shirts are made from the known and loved Dri-Fit material, which helps lead moisture and sweat away from the body. Nike have combined this with their burnout weave and ventilation holes, which are cut out with laser, to ensure the very best breathability for the players.

Nike's 3D scanner has also been used when developing and designing the American kit. By scanning players bodies Nike have found the absolutely perfect fit. At the same time the USA's away-shirt is made with a so-called double-weave method, which incorporates both polyester and cotton to give you the best sweat-transportation, but also ensure a nice soft sensation, as well as a modern fit.

You can pre-order Clint Dempsey's away-shirt now – just €78.

The print writing on the shirts has been uniquely designed for the American national team, which is influenced by American teamsport. Clint Dempsey also expresses how impressed he is by the design of their new World Cup away-shirt: “I am a big fan of the patriotic design and the colour scheme will look great on the pitch. Hopefully it will help us out of the very challenging group, we face.”

America attended their first World Cup, when it was hosted in Brazil in 1950. Back then they came 10th, after failing to make it out of their group. When the US hosted the World Cup in 1994 it was Brazil, who knocked them out in the 1/8-finals. In the Confederations Cup in 2009, it was Brazil, who beat the Americans in the final. Something tells us, if there ever was a country Team USA want to do well in, it is Brazil.

Do you love the American design? Pre-order the shirt here – just €78.

Football, or soccer, as they call it in America, has spread like wildfire in the United States and there is a lot of young talent emerging in the country. The faith and hope that Team USA can succeed on the biggest football stage of them all is definitely there. Their away-shirt is ready to proudly represent them, but what do you think? Hot or not? We invite to you tell us in the box down below.