On the last day of March Nike and England have unveiled 'The Three Lions' new World Cup-shirt, which Rooney & Co. will try to break 48 years of hurt wearing. The home-shirt is – of course – completely white, but this time the secondary colour is a slightly lighter shade of blue. Join us, as we take a closer look at the shirt now.

When Wayne Rooney, Daniel Sturridge, Jack Wilshere and the rest of the English team enter the pitch in Brazil this summer, it will be in brand new World Cup shirts, which Nike and the English F.A. Launched this morning.

It is, as you probably already guessed, predominantly white, but Nike have livened it up with classy, vertical pinstripes, which can be found on the front and back of the shirt. This takes us back to 1986 and the World Cup in Mexico, where England also wore a pinstripe kit. Back then the collar was blue, where it on the new shirt has been kept white, to add to the sophisticated and simple look.

Get your hands on the new England home-shirt here - €just €78.

Furthermore the pinstripe design is as English as it gets and puts a big exclamation mark under the way a modern footballer wants to look good, both on and off the pitch – and what better style to use, than one so very English.

On top of the elegant pinstripes on the England home-shirt Nike have also incorporated several small historic references – and one of the is the new blue colour, which they have made the Nike-logo, as well as the Three Lions in England logo with. It is not the same navy blue colour, which England have used for many years, but instead a far lighter colour that they call Sport Royal Blue.

But if this does not match the navy blue colour of recent history, how can it be a reference back in time? Well, at the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties England wore the brand Admiral, who used a far lighter blue and red colour – and that is what the new Sport Royal Blue reminds us off.

Get your hands on the new England home-shirt here - €just €78.

Just like with the other national teams Nike have made shirts for, England's home-shirt also has the very newest technologies. The shirts are made from the known and loved Dri-Fit material, which helps lead moisture and sweat away from the body. Nike have combined this with their burnout weave and ventilation holes, which are cut out with laser, to ensure the very best breathability for the players.

Nike's 3D scanner has also been used when developing and designing the England kits. By scanning players bodies Nike have found the absolutely perfect fit. At the same time Portugal's shirt away-shirt is made with a so-called double-weave method, which incorporates both polyester and cotton to give you the best sweat-transportation, but also ensure a nice soft sensation, as well as a modern fit.

Get your hands on the new England home-shirt here - €just €78.

No matter what England are ready to do battle at the World Cup, with a new home- and away-shirt. They will need to be top-tuned, because they have been drawn in the group of death, facing Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica. No roll-overs in that group, ouch!

What do you think about the new England home-shirt and can you see Rooney, Wilshere and the other stars pulling together and making it out of such a tough group? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below, or on Twitter and Facebook.