In this episode of Unisport WebTV Jakob and Joltter are accompanied by Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard. The three lads got a penalty shoot out going, and the losers would have to do push ups.

A few weeks back we got a visit from the brilliant Elfsborg keeper, Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard and got to chat with him about the career, goalkeeper gloves and the life of a professional footballer player. And once you get a visitor from a professional keeper, then why not test him out on the pitch.

Jakob and Joltter managed to talk Kevin Stuhr into joining them on the pitch, where the scene was set for a penalty shoot out. It was a perfect opportunity for our two football-crazy WebTV hosts, to test their skills on one of Denmark's best goalkeepers.

Before the competition even got going, Joltter and Jakob got a little scared. It quickly showed that the height difference was pretty remarkable between our two WebTV hosts and Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard.

Check out the interview with Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard right here.

The rules for this penalty shoot out competition were slightly different then normal. Jakob and Joltter each got one point per goal, while Kevin Stuhr got two points for a save, and one point if the ball was off target.

This developed into quite the nerve wrecking competition, and we had to go all the way to the 10th shot to find the winner. Who is the the winner in the end? Check out the video and see it for yourself.

You have the opportunity to win a pair of gloves that Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard used in the penalty shoot out with Jakob and Joltter. You can see how on our Instagram site.

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