To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Tiempo-silo, Nike have made the exclusive Tiempo XX Pack. In the pack you get, not only the brand new Limited Edition Tiempo Legend V, but also a pair of Tiempo 94 sneakers. We want to celebrate this grand occasion and have therefore made a brand new campaign-universe, which you can take a closer look at here.

It is a momentous juncture in the Tiempo collections life, as it rounds its 20th year. Two decades since the first model saw the light of day and to mark this we have naturally made a campaign-site, where you can study the brilliant new Tiempo XX Pack.

Apart from the amazing design, the first thing you notice about the Tiempo XX Pack is the fantastic material it is made from. It is called Alegria-leather and it is the purest and most finely grained kangaroo leather known to man. For the Tiempo XX Pack only the best will do.

Get a closer look at the Tiempo XX Pack on our cool new campaign-site right here.

The original Tiempo football boot was naturally, predominantly black, as that was the custom in 1994, when the first Tiempo was launched. This is why Nike have also chosen to stick with a white and black combination on the Tiempo XX Pack, even though white does make up the majority of the upper. The White symbolises that while they still stay true to their proud traditions, they are constantly evolving and striving to reach new heights.

The Tiempo Legend V XX football boot is a masterpiece, as it has all the classic Tiempo qualities, like high levels of comfort and unrivalled stability. To add to these loved characteristics, Nike have also incorporated some of their newest technologies. These naturally include the brilliant ACC, which makes sure you have the same supreme ball control in all types of weather. Furthermore the boot has the Hypershield-technology, which keeps the boot from taking in water; in fact the Tiempo V absorbs 73% less water than the previous model.

If you would like to get your hands on the Tiempo XX Pack, then you can secure your pair right here – just €350.

The Tiempo 94 breaks the classic ideals, as it is made with an eye-catching pink sole, but then again that is quite a nineties look. We certainly love it. A brilliant detail on the Tiempo 94 is that it has the same boot tongue, as the original Tiempo football boot. On the Tiempo 94 it is attached with a velcro strap, so you can change the look to a modern and – almost – conventional sneaker.

Get a closer look at the Tiempo XX Pack on our cool new campaign-site right here.

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