We have been waiting with excitement, and now it has finally landed. Today we can welcome the brand new technologically advanced Puma evoPOWER, which, as the name implies, is full of raw power.

We have been waiting for quite a while, but now the wait is over. At a grand event in Barcelona, where we are bringing some lucky Unisport users along, the new Puma evoPOWER has just been presented. This means no more secrets, and we can now tell you all about the new boot.

The boot has been surrounded by a great deal of secrecy and mystique. The first we ever saw of the boot was when superstar Balotelli was wearing a pair of very special boots with the name Puma evoPOWER Stampa, which were launched in a highly limited quantity of just 250 pairs. Later on we then got the Puma evoPOWER CAMO that was Puma's clever alternative to a blackout version. The camouflaged boot could be seen on the feet of players like Balotelli, Reus and Fabregas.

Now all the secrecy and guessing is over. The boot has landed after a long period of preparation from Puma, where they have their very best to create the ultimate power boot. The goal has been to create a boot that is beats all the others on the market in terms of adding energy and power to your play.

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new Puma evoPOWER, then you can see much more right here – price €180.

Now, how do you then provide more energy and power to your strike? This is the question that Puma asked themselves, and what they found out was, that the most powerful strike is actually reached by the bare foot. Hereby, one may just stop dreaming of creating the most powerful boot, and just play bare feet. Luckily this is not allowed, and would probably also hurt quite a bit.

In fact, what provides the most energy is your foot, when it is allowed to bend sufficiently backwards. Actually a lot more than most football boots will allow these days. A stiff sole and upper has, for many boots, prevented the foot from bending sufficiently backwards in order to provide maximum energy. Therefore, it was important for Puma to make a boot that could be flexible around the forefoot.

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new Puma evoPOWER, then you can see much more right here – price €180.

This line of thought is new and rather revolutionising. For a long time, the thought has been that the boot should not be allowed to bend backwards in order to avoid power loss, but according to the advanced research done by PUMA, the forefoot should be allowed to bend, while the midfoot should be stable in order to follow the natural flex of the foot and hereby ensure optimal conditions for power.

The aim with this Puma evoSPEED, has therefore been to transfer this line of thought to the brand new football boot. On the upper you will find the Japanese microfibre material Adap-Lite, which is super soft and is made to follow the natural shape of your foot. It will stretch in accordance with your foot here allowing it to move naturally and it will stretch a lot from your heel to your toes, which is not the case across the foot. Here the focus has been on creating maximum stability.

The thin, soft and flexible upper has been one of the key points in the work with the Puma evoPOWER, and the final result is the fruit of a long period of focused work. The material is actually just 1,00 mm thick, with a 0,6 mm lining. The result is barefoot feel on the ball and a very precise touch.

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new Puma evoPOWER, then you can see much more right here – price €180.

When we are dealing with a power boot, it is of course not enough just to add power to your strike. It is also very much about precision. Therefore, Puma have developed their AccuFoam, which consists of little foam areas that have been placed under the upper to provide a larger and cleaner strike surface, again to increase precision.

In order to keep the upper in place you will find the Everfitcage-EXT, which we already know from the Puma evoSPEED. It is located on the outside of the boot and serves to provide stability and comfort by keeping the upper in place and ensures that it keeps its snug fit.

The important focus on freedom of movement is visible in connection with most tech details of the boot. The heel is made of soft collapsible foam insert that, hereby minimising the pressure on your Achilles. In addition, the flexible circle on the heel provides greater freedom of movement, which has truly been a key element.

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new Puma evoPOWER, then you can see much more right here – price €180.

Comfort is of course also something that needs to be in place, and this is certainly also something that Puma have considered. Around the tongue you will find memory foam insert, which serves to ensure that the lacing will not irritate when you lace your boots nice and tight. A nice little detail, which will surely be appreciated.

The sole is built around Puma's newly developed Gradual Stability Frame. The idea is to have gradual stability, and have strongest around the heel and the back of the foot, while there will be less around the forefoot in order to allow it to move naturally and provide the most power. Puma manges to both provide the stability that you need, in addition to allowing your foot to move almost freely.

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new Puma evoPOWER, then you can see much more right here – price €180.

The stud configuration is made with a mix of rounded and bladed studs for a mix of stability and manoeuvrability. The rounded studs under the forefoot ensure optimal freedom of movement, as they move more easily through the ground when you do twists and turns; and the bladed studs ensure good stability. With a larger surface this provides a better distribution of pressure, as well as a better grip in connection with twists and turns.

The boot replaces the Puma Powercat 1.12, and also has a wide last, which is similar to the one we know from the Powercat. The new Puma evoPOWER is, on the other hand, substantially more pointy around the nose of the boot in order to provide a snug fit and the unique barefoot feel. The weight of the boot is also in the low end of the scale, with just 206 grams Puma have certainly managed to create a very light football boot full of energy and power.

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Stars like Balotelli, Reus and Fabregas are going to enjoy the technological progress in the brand new Puma evoPOWER. What are your thoughts on the new boot? And which part of it impresses you the most? Feel free to share your comments here, or on Facebook and Twitter.