The reigning World- and European champions from Spain are getting ready to bring home yet another triumph, as we are looking towards the World Cup in Brazil next year, and now the Spaniards also have their shirt ready from Adidas.

They have done it before, and they can do it again. When the coming summer's world cup in Brazil kicks off, all eyes will be on the boys from Spain. As defending European- and World champions there is no way to hide from the attention of the crowd and the media; and when all eyes are on you, it may be a good idea to be dressed for the occasion.

And the Spaniards most certainly are; with their brand new home shirt from Adidas, which will be used for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, where Xavi, Iniesta and Torres will be on operation 'title defence'.

The Spanish shirt displays an elegant and classic style with the classic dark red colour that has brought home a number of spectacular triumphs over the last years. Spain are currently experiencing a golden era and this is also portrayed on this shirt. It includes the golden colours, which has been characterising Spain over the last years.

Are you looking to get your hands on the new Spanish national team shirt? Then you can find it right here.

And gold is definitely also what the Spaniards will be going for when they travel to Brazil next summer for the World Cup; and it will be very interesting to see if they will succeed. One this is definitely certain – Spain is dressed for another triumph.

The new Spanish national team shirt is simple, elegant and it has the class that you will find with a crowd of World- and European champions. What do you think of the shirt? And do you believe that Spain will take home another World Cup Title from Brazil? As always feel free to share your comments here, or on Facebook and Twitter.