Winter is closing in, and that equals it's time for some indoor football. We have made a proper Unisport-style review of two of the top indoor shoes on the market. Both the Adidas Spezial and the Nike Elastico Finale II are ready for the challenge, and we are ready to lace up the shoes and see what they can do.

It's hard to get around, well even a fact that if you are going for, for example, an indoor competition; the most important thing to remember is a good pair of indoor shoes. Once the clock starts ticking it's all about performing to your fullest and often times at can be the small marginals that decide a game; so if you are looking to get a medal around your neck, you will need to be sharp. We have asked our two top boot experts Jakob and Joltter to take a look at two of the absolute top indoor shoes on the market.

First up is the majestic Nike Elastico Finale II. Designed to maximise your play and provide good moveability, it is one of the most exciting and eye-catching items found in the indoor world. Both the sharp design, as well as the outstanding qualities are areas we will look into in the video that you can find by clicking the link above.

So, if you are looking to find out what Joltter thinks of the Nike Elastico Finale II and its NikeSkin upper, then come along and click the video. Without revealing too much I can say that my good Finnish colleague is far from disappointed when sticking his feet into Nike's top model for indoor football.

And surely we cannot forget about the Adidas Spezial, a true indoor classic. Absolutely one of the very best indoor shoes, and it is a fact that it is the best selling indoor shoe, which may be regarded as a clear stamp of approval in itself.

The question now is, if the classic and to be fair, rather legendary, indoor shoe once again will take the top spot, or if Nike's new and technically advanced shoe can battle it. Some would say it is David versus Goliath; but we are talking about the Nike Elastico Finale II versus the Adidas Spezial, so we are talking about an absolute top of the line clash. Get your popcorn and coke ready for the show, and click the video to get the film going.

So, if you've got your refreshments ready, it's time to look into the review and find out how the two indoor shoes perform in the battle. Without giving it all away I can say that it was a close match between the two.

Adidas Spezial is the classic, while the Nike Elastico Finale II is the challenger; and in this review Joltter provides his verdict on the two shoes. What do you think of the video? And which of the two shoes is your favourite? And why? Feel free to leave a comment either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.