Adidas have given their legendary football boot, the Copa Mundial, a brand new colour update. Now the iconic classic is also available in white, and we have taken a closer look at the new colourway for the old classic right here.

If we are talking about classic football boots, there is no denying the Copa Mundial. This boot is a truly iconic and legendary boot in a league of its own. The worlds best selling football boot of all times is not to be misunderstood, and now it has landed in a brand new colourway for all of the Copa Mundial fans.

Are you liking the new white Copa Mundial? Then you can secure your own pair right here – just €163 with speedy delivery.

We are now talking about a white colour on the adidas Copa Mundial. It is otherwise very rare that we have seen any significant changes on the adidas Copa Mundial. While other boot silos are launching fresh and loud colours, the Copa Mundial has been more traditional and has sticked to the classic black colour with the three iconic white adidas stripes. But now adidas have decided to step outside the comfort zone and changed the Copa Mundial.

Changing the Copa Mundial is kind a daring move, as there is the risk of insulting some of traditionalists who swear to the Copa Mundial and it staying black; just as it has always been. Now, to calm the traditional Copa Mundial fans, we can inform that not much has been changed on the Copa Mundial. Actually adidas have just switched around the colours so what used to be black is now white, and the other way around.

Some might wonder why the Copa Mundial hasn't seen as much change as a lot of other boots. The reasoning is that adidas, with the Copa Mundial have created a true winner boot. Although it might now be the lightest of boots with a weight of over 300 grams, but on the other hand it performs at the absolute top level when it comes to comfort and touch on the ball.

The upper on the adidas Copa Mundial consists of a super nice kangaroo material, that has a snug fit on your foot while also providing a very supple and comfortable fit in the boot. The leather expands and adapts to your foot, resulting in a boot that quickly adapts to be shaped after your foot.

The exquisite kangaroo leather is not just good in terms of comfort. It also provides a very accurate feel on the ball, thus giving you a sublime touch. When you come across people who refuse to wear anything else than leather boots, it may very well be a standpoint that has its point of departure in this very boot, the Copa Mundial.

Comfort is surely the keyword in connection with the Copa Mundial, and hardly any people would be able to honestly say that they think that the Copa Mundial is uncomfortable to wear. One of the secrets behind the great comfort is the technologically developed EVA insole, which provides shock absorption and adapts to your foot. In close cooperation with the kangaroo leather, this is the secret behind a football boot that just feels very good to stick your feet into.

One of the central elements in connection with a football boot, is the ability to grip the pitch. And this is certainly something you can with the adidas Copa Mundial. With the iconic rounded studs, adidas have not made any significant changes to a stud configuration, that is created to prevent you from sliding around on the pitch but have a nice pitch grip instead.

Are you liking the new white Copa Mundial? Then you can secure your own pair right here – just €163 with speedy delivery.

Although the adidas Copa Mundial has gotten an elegant new white colour, it is still the same classic boot that we know so well. An incredible number of players have worn the adidas Copa Mundial through time, and now you can also have the joy of sticking your feet into the ultimate classic boot in an elegant white colour.

The adidas Copa Mundial is without a doubt a true classic. The worlds best selling boot ever is now available in a new colour. What do you think of the new colourway? And what is your favourite element of the Copa Mundial? Feel free to leave us a comment here, or on Facebook & Twitter.