The Nike Chance event is in full swing and Nike have recently launched a video from Stockholm, where four talented and lucky footballers made the cut and advanced further into the event. You can see the video right here and feel the nerves as players fight for their dreams.

It takes deep concentration and strong nerves if you want to go all the way and play with the very best. The participants in Nike's The Chance are well aware of this, as the young players fight for the chance to secure a spot in the Nike Academy and live and train as the professional football players.

Therefore it was no surprise that the feeling surrounding Nike event in Stockholm was dominated by great focus mixed with huge excitement. A number of young and hopeful players had to prove to the coaches they had the qualities need to advance n the competition and keep the dream of becoming pro alive.

Only four players made the cut and advanced from Stockholm, and if you are looking to see how it all went down, then luckily Nike have delivered a video that lets you follow the players as the prepare themselves to deliver their very best when it truly counts. You are invited to see how the coaches deal with the tough choices as need need to pick out the best of the best among the talents.

One of the main characters in the video is the Helsingborg IF player David 'Titi' Accam. He was previously a part of the Nike Academy and has later on managed to move on and become professional. He certainly knows what it takes to do well in Nike Chance, and in the video you will see him passing on some of his knowledge.

With this video Nike really shows how much this means the young participants and how much football means to them. And also how passionate they are about chasing their dream of one day becoming a professional football player. Nike are giving them The Chance, and there is no doubt that they fighting take it.

With Nike Chance, Nike are giving a lot of young players the chance to fight their way into the Nike Academy. But the competition is truly fierce, and only the very best will advance from the initial events. What do you think of the video? And would you like to become a part of the Nike Academy at some point? As always we would like to hear your comments either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.