Puma have made a completely new team, which goes by the name Puma FC. For the remainder of the year, you can join the team and participate in fun and challenging competitions, as well as possibly winning some exclusive gear from Puma in the process. For example you can get a poster of yourself hanging at Sergio Ag├╝ero's house.

The German sports giant Puma have made a new web-concept, where they invite the users to join their brand new team, which goes by the name Puma FC. If the team would be competing in real games, they would have a very good chance of doing well, as the side stars Thierry Henry, Sergio Ag├╝ero, Radamel Falcao and Marco Reus. The team is however just a virtual squad, but if you go to Puma FC's website you can join the challenges, where the users can win exciting prizes from the stars.

One of the prizes is for example that if you win, your poster will be hung up on Sergio Ag├╝ero's wall. The lightning quick Argentinian, who wears the Puma Evospeed 1.2 to devastating effect on a daily basis, needs a new poster and he wanted a photo of someone who really lives and breathes for football. Therefore the challenge was to take a picture of yourself playing football in the most outlandish place. Ag├╝ero will himself be picking a lucky winner, as well as signing another copy and having it sent directly back to you.

If you want to join Puma FC, then you can check it out right here.

When you start with Puma FC, your status is ball boy. You have to work your way up the hierarchy and you do so by taking on some of the many challenges, which are constantly updated. One of the tests is to guess, when you think Sergio Ag├╝ero will score his first goal this season, the closer you are, the bigger your chances of winning a prize from Puma could be. For example if you have the clairvoyance to foresee that Ag├╝ero will score in the 17th minute, then you could be the lucky winner.

Another one of the prizes is winning a pair of signed football boots from one of Puma's very biggest stars. You do so by taking the challenge, where you guess, which player you think will have the best season. That could for example be Marco Reus wearing his Puma Powercat, Sergio Ag├╝ero from Man City and his Puma EvoSpeed 1.2, or possibly Yaya Toure wearing his Puma King. From the people who guessed, a lucky winner receives a signed pair of football boots.

Among the many other things, you can on the Puma FC-page, also explore the many Puma-products, which are available. You can for example take a look a the speedy Puma EvoSpeed 1.2, which the attacking ace Ag├╝ero wears, along with Radamel Falcao. It is a boot we have taken a closer look at here, with our cool campaign-site. You can also check out Cesc Fabregas' Puma Powercat and Yaya Toure's King.

The only drawback to the Puma FC is that you need to be 18 years or older to join. It is however easy to join the team with your Facebook, or through email and a username.

Puma FC is a new and extremely entertaining concept from Puma, where you can become part of a team comprised of Sergio Ag├╝ero, Cesc Fabregas, Thierry Henry and Radamel Falcao. Which of the signed boots would you like the best? And which of the Puma FC boys do you think will do best this season? We would love to hear from you in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.