The Nike Hypervenom has finally landed, and many people are these days receiving their new boots and will have the pleasure of unboxing the brand new boot. In connection with this we have set up a competition where you, by showing your new boots, can win a cool Hypervenom t-shirt. How do you participate? Read it all here.

After launching the Hypervenom in Rio de Janeiro football players all over the world have been waiting in anticipation for the new boot – and now it has finally landed.

Here at the Unisportstore HQ's we are also super excited to try out the new boot, an in this regard we would also like to share the excitement with you. We will do this via a competition, where you will have the chance to win a super cool Hypervenom t-shirt from the new collection.

Would you also like to become a part of A New Breed of Attack? Then order your Nike Hypervenom right here with speedy delivery – just €192

All you have to do is the following; find and follow @unisportstore on Instagram, and then take a picture of your new Hypervenoms. Then you upload the picture to Instagram and tag the picture with #unisportXhypervenom and @unisportstore – then you are in the competition. We will draw the winner on Friday the 26th of July, 2013 at 15.00 CET.

So grab your smartphone, shoot a picture of your new Hypervenom boots for Instagram and tag it #unisportXhypervenom and @unisportstore – then you are in the competition. We are looking forward to seeing your boots – best of luck!