Nike Hypervenom has landed on stock and we therefore decided to give a loyal Unisport user a very special surprise. The fortunate recipient was left flabbergasted, when we dropped by and presented him with the brand new Nike Hypervenom Phantom and an exclusive boot bag. The bag is exceptionally rare and only produced in very limited quantities and is not available for purchase anywhere. Check out how you look, when you are one of the first in Europe to get your hands on the long anticipated Hypervenoms.

Here at Unisport we like spoiling our football crazy fans and and we couldn't think of a better summer treat, than surprising one of you with the brand new Nike Hypervenom Phantom. Therefore we took the trip to Vejen in Denmark, to surprise Lukas Kruse with this completely unique and long awaited boot.

And just to sweeten the surprise, we had not just brought the new Nike Hypervenom-boots along alone. A sensationally nice boot like the Hypervenom needs to be pampered and we therefore packed the new boots in a completely unique boot bag, which there is only made very few of in the entire world.

Therefore we set sail, so to speak, for the small town Vejen, with the special delivery in hand, ready to present the awesome boot bag and Nike Hypervenom. On Arrival Lukas was still training at the Elite Football Camp and the many players quickly noticed that there was a few unexpected guests overseeing the training.

Their curiosity hardly died down, when it slowly dawned on the flock, what it was Jakob was carrying underneath his arm. The orange skull and bones logo revealed that it definitely had something to do with the Nike Hypervenom, a boot we have been dying to get our hands on since its release.

When Lukas found out that the boots were intended for him, he reacted in a way, which we suspect anyone would had they been handed the new Nike Hypervenom and unique boot bag. Lukas' face lit up, with a mixture of surprise and pure joy. All his team mates looked on with excitement, when he put on the cool new boot.

Do you also want to see how it looks, when you surprise a lucky Unisport user with a pair of unique football boots, then check out the video above. Where you get to see the magic of wearing a brand new pair of boots for the first time and then even as one of the very first in Europe!

The Nike Hypervenom has finally landed and we are working hard as ever, to ship out the boots to all you football lovers out there. We hope you can make your football play as unpredictable and smooth as Neymar. How would you react if you got the new Nike Hypervenom and a completely unique boot bag? And will you be making your play unpredictable with Nike's newest boot? We would love to know, so tell us on Facebook, Twitter and the comment-section down below.