The German midfield wizard is now officially an Adidas player and thus puts a definitive lid on all speculation, concerning the quite special case, where Nike ended up suing Mesut Özil. This was because he was against his contract playing in Adidas boots. What will he be wearing now? The Predator LZ II of course.

Hopefully for all parties, there will be no more quarrels between the elegant German and Nike. In any case we will be seeing the national team star shine in a pair of Adidas Predator LZ II. Let us hope for Özil that they will help him and the rest of the Real Madrid stars, when they try to conquer Barcelona's throne.

For now it looks like the case is closed, after Mesut Özil was sued by Nike for wearing a pair of Adidas Predator LZ II in last years pre-season. Maybe he was hungry for something new, after wearing Nike since 2009, either way it looks to have sparked his interest, because as soon as he was no longer legally bound to Nike, he switched to Adidas.

There was actually not really anything in the way of his move, as his contract with Nike ran out on the 1st of July. However the German had – with, or without knowing it – missed an addendum in the contract, which let Nike match any offer, which a competitor made. This meant that once he was spotted in a pair of Adidas Predator LZ, Nike had to assume he had made an agreement with Adidas without notifying them.

Therefore Nike did something, the world of football seldom sees, which was that they took Mesut Özil to court. It all ended up with the German having to pay somewhere around the region of €20.000 every week, as well as he had to wear a completely whiteouted, or blackouted boots. Whether it was because he wanted to make amends with Nike, or what, but in any case he ended up wearing the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII.

You could however not shake the feeling that deep down Özil had a desire to play in the Predator LZ and it is therefore no surprise that he has now legally completed the switch. He is a part of the Adidas flok and is greeted with the message “Özil is all in”.

The boot which Mesut Özil will now wear on his feet, is the control boot, Adidas Predator LZ II, which has 5 zones, each dedicated to improving different parts of the football game: Drive, Pass, Dribble, First Touch and Sweet Spot. With credentials like that it is no wonder Özil was so keen on them.

Adidas Predator LZ II is an incredibly popular boots and we have seen it used to great effect by Fernando Torres, who has also previously played in Nike. We have great expectations for Özil and hope he and his new boots can impress everyone around the world and entice us all with supreme ball control.

It is now official that Mesut Özil is an Adidas man and we will in the coming season watch him play in the control boot, Predator LZ II. What do you think about the change? Do you think the Predator LZZ II matches his game well? As always we would love to hear your comments here, on Facebook and Twitter.