Nike kick off the second summer month with a bang and present a new colourway for the newly unveiled Hypervenom Phantom. The boot is designed for “A New Breed of Attack” and now lands in a mysterious and cheeky colour combination with dark charcoal and total crimson red, which is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom is definitely among the biggest and most surprising launches this year. It has been quick to announce itself as a boot, which has its focus firmly set on attack. It is made for the attack-minded player, who can bring something unexpected and extraordinary to the table. Looking at the players, who have already taken to the boot, this looks to be a claim that is firmly backed up.

You can already now pre-order the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Dark Charcoal/Total Crimson – just €192.

Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Robert Lewandowski are just a handful of the players, who have already embraced the new Hypervenom and Nike say players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic have already joined that impressive bunch. Should that happen, we will most probably be seeing them in this exact colourway, when all the biggest leagues around the world kick off and if the football alone isn't enough, these beauties will definitely brighten your day.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom is designed with focus on fit, touch & traction, which in other words translates to the comfort, ball feel and stud-grip. As most of you know the Hypervenom takes over from the iconic T90-collection, which was especially known for its wide fit. This is something Nike have chosen to move onto the new boot. They have therefore developed the most anatomically correct last to date, which fits a more diverse range of foot-types and sizes. When you combine this with the innovative new upper, anyone should be able to feel comfortable in the new Hypervenom.

The upper is the completely new material, called NIKESKIN, which we first saw on the Elastico Pro II and Bomba II Finale. The idea behind it is that it shapes itself after the foot and delivers a tight fit, which replicates the feeling of playing barefoot. On top of that it also has a very distinctive design, with a bumpy surface texture. This creates increased friction between the boot and ball, to improve your ball control and feeling. On top of that it has also been equipped with the ACC-technology that ensures you have the same grip in wet weather, as you would otherwise have in dry conditions.

When it comes to the grip, this is where the Hypervenom shows its strong side, as it is designed with agility in mind. This is something Nike have really put a lot of effort into perfecting and they have done so with their newly designed sole. The front part of the sole, is two-part, which means the big toe is separate from the rest of the foot. Nike have spoken to a number of paediatric experts, who explained how this is where the energy in the kick-off originates, when you want to do an unexpected change of direction.

The studs you know, but then again they are not exactly the same. Conical studs are far from a new innovation on football boots, but the ones Nike have used on the Hypervenom are far smaller than regular round studs. This means the studs penetrate the ground quicker and also leave the ground faster, so your acceleration is optimised. On top of that, the conical studs make for smoother turns, when twisting and changing direction at pace, something blades sometimes hinder.

The new colourway is almost as venomous as the name of the boot and we are really looking forward to seeing it in action. Almost as much as we are looking forward to the start of the football season. Whether this Nike Hypervenom Phantom Dark Charcoal/Total Crimson will get an introduction like its predecessor, were Rooney and Neymar both scored incredible goals, we will have to wait and see.

You can already now pre-order the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Dark Charcoal/Total Crimson – just €192.

Although the football season is still not even close, there is no getting around the fact that the football boot season is well underway. What do you think about the new Nike Hypervenom Phatom Dark Charcoal/Total Crimson? Are you tempted? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment-section down below, or on Twitter and Facebook.