Adidas F50 Adizero are running on the fourth generation and it has been just as popular as its predecessors. Furthermore, the boot has been immensely popular in landing in several colourways, which all have their own charm. Now it lands in a Black/infared-Running White colourway, which we are sure will be a sure hit.

Lightweight boots are among the most sought after on the market and in the very top of the list we find the Adidas F50 Adizero. Back in February 2009 Adidas truly changed our view on football boots and revealed the first generation of F50 Adizero. Now we have reached the fourth in line and the range shows no signs of stopping. Naturally it comes in two alternatives; one with an upper made from leather and one made with an upper from synthetic, which each perform at a very high level.

You can already pre-order your pair of Adidas F50 Adizero Black/infared-Running White with an expected delivery in the middle of June - just €192.

When it comes to lightweight boots, the Adidas F50 Adizero is the benchmark for all other boots, as it, on several occasions, has broken new barriers and improved on weight, which otherwise seemed impossible to better. The microfibre model weighs an astounding 165 grams and the leather-clad namesake also sets the bar high, weighing just 203 grams; in leather!

It almost sounds too good to be true, when Adidas say they have combined the nice touch and high comfort from leather with low weight all in one boot, but none the less, this is the case on the Adidas F50 Adizero. The weight has actually risen marginally on the fourth generation, but that is only because more of the nice GOLEO calfskin has been used on the upper. This ensures a comfortable and personal fit, as well as, a soft touch on the ball.

The microfibre model focuses on pure speed, for the “Speed demon” like Gareth Bale. 165 grams is all it weighs and that is achieved through several optimisations. The upper is made from the AdiLite Twin material and is called Sprintskin II. It is just 1,5mm thick and therefore weighs very little; on top of that, it gives a very tight ball feel, so you can get that inch-perfect control and a sharp touch.

On the medial side of the microfibre boot, it is reinforced with the socalled TPU Support Bands, which work like a skeleton for the boot and deliver a lockdown-effect. This ensures stability and support around the foot, when you need to twist and turn. Furthermore, the Sprintweb-construction has been changed, so the band that used to run across the foot has been removed, as to make the boot much more supple and natural in its movements.

Both the boots are based on the well known Sprintframe-outsole, which is a trademark of all Adidas' boots. The outsole is incredibly springy and flexible and therefore adds an explosive kick off to your game. This has, however, not affected the stability, which is still top class and that is even though the sole is in some areas, just 1mm thick.

The outsole also has room for the revolutionising miCoach, so you can now prove to your friends how quick you are. Once the chip is activated it can measure and analyse your runs in the active period. You can afterwards connect it to your Iphone, Ipad, or PC, so you can find out what your top speed is, average speed, number of sprints and much more.

The stud-configuration is made for speed. It is the Traxion 2.0 and bases itself on triangular studs, which really dig into the ground, giving you superb grip. The studs are placed very strategically and each serve a certain purpose, whether that is acceleration, breaking, or changing direction.

You can already pre-order your pair of Adidas F50 Adizero Black/Red with an expected delivery in the middle of June - just €192.

A pair of new boots to welcome the summer; not bad, huh? What do you say to the new colourway? Let us know in the comment-section down below and join the debate on twitter and Facebook.