We have been invited by Nike to Rio de Janeiro, in connection with the launch of the Nike Hypervenom and you can now follow us on our adventure, as Joltter will be bringing you daily video updates. Day 1 of the trip, was mostly travelling and settling in to the new surroundings and you can watch it here.

Remember you can get the full overview of the trip and follow us every step of the way, on our Rio campaign-site.

It is not every day that you get to go to Rio and definitely not every day, you get to witness a massive launch like this. We are in one of the most football loving countries in the world, along with Nike and will definitely be having an exiting couple of days.

During the next couple of days, Joltter will be vlogging directly from Rio and today we bring you episode one. Here we pack our bags and hop on a plane to Rio de Janeiro – and you can find out what happens, once we arrive in Brazil here. Among other things we get greeted by our chauffeur, with a mysterious sign, who drives us to our hotel, where an even more mysterious box awaits...

Day two will bring plenty of interesting experiences, from the sunny city, where Joltter and the Unisport-crew already are out playing a bit of football samba-style.

Do you want the latest updates from Rio? You can join us here, on our “Joltter goes to Rio”-campaign-site.

We will be updating like crazy from Rio, so keep your eyes locked on our Rio-page, if you want the very latest info about our escapades from Brazil.