Earlier today we showed you the new Barca home shirt, but Nike have naturally also supplied Barcelona with a new away shirt too and we would never rob you of the pleasure of getting a closer look at it here. Once again our brilliant photographer has taken some excellent pictures of the very colourful shirt, from all thinkable angles. Check them out here.

For the first time ever FC Barcelona's away shirt is made in the Catalan national colours and that is definitely something the clubs die hard fans will appreciate. The stripes are inspired by the Catalan flag, Senyera, which is a theme of many of the shirts features. Apart from that, many of the shirts design details are very alike the home shirt, except the away shirt has a round neck.

You can pre-order the new FC Barcelona away shirt 13/14 from the 6th of June – so keep your eyes locked on the site.

The crewneck collar is completely yellow, just like the home shirts, except for a little red edge that runs around the away shirts collar. It really makes the design “pop” and the rounded collar also gives the shirt a quite old-school look, which really suits it.

The sleeves differ from the classic stripes by letting the colours fade together. The entire shirt is an expression of the clubs iconic and completely unique style of play, where they dominate and control. The stripes symbolise the simple and single-minded approach, which they use to control and contain opponents. Whereas the sharper sleeve design symbolises the explosive and unpredictable nature all Barcelona players possess too.

Nike have worked hard to bring technical developments to the shirt and to diminish the detrimental effects it has on the environment. This is why The shirt is produced entirely from recycled polyester, which is extracted from plastic bottles. A full kit is made from no less than 10 to 13 plastic bottles, and since 2010, Nike have used 1,1 billion bottles for their clothes production.

This does not mean that there is any compromise in terms of quality, which is still absolute top class. The shirt weighs in at just 150 grams and is hereby 23% lighter than it predecessor, yet it still has a structure that makes the material 20% stronger. In addition, the shirt is equipped with the well-known DriFit technology, which wicks sweat and moisture from your body and keeps you nice and dry.

You can pre-order the new FC Barcelona away shirt 13/14 from the 6th of June – so keep your eyes locked on the site.

The new away shirt will lead FC Barcelona to new heights next season, as they take on opposition away from the Camp Nou. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the box down below and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.