The German champions from Bayern München has just revealed the club's brand new home shirt, which they hope will bring them to glory in the upcoming season. The new home shirt has a very classic design, including multiple nice and discrete details. Check out our top shelf pictures right here.

Bayern München is quite possible the most spoken of team in European football, ever since they absolutely crushed FC Barcelona with a total score of 7-0. With a firm aim towards the throne and absolute European football dominance, the club has now also revealed next season home shirt. You can pre-order the shirt right here, which will ship before Champions League Final.

it did not come as a surprise that the new home shirt is red, but if you look at the picture above, something else is might also catch your eye; the player's football boots. Adidas are once again adding to the rumours regarding new boots and colourways, by having the players pose in previously unseen boots. We can count four different boots in the picture, but, as Adidas currently only have three boot silos, it will be very exciting to see what is up their sleeve for the future – especially as there is a Nitrocharge boot right around the corner.

You can pre-order the shirt right here, which will ship before Champions League Final.

Now back to the shirt, and what a shirt it is. Bayern Münich have had the same home shirt for the last two seasons, but not it time for a change. True to its heritage, the shirt is mainly red, but unlike last years shirts, which were decorated in gold, they have returned to the classy combination with white details.

Bayern München is clearly the most winning club in Germany and is also close to taking the throne of European football. Above the club's well-known logo, it is also displayed that the club has won the Bundesliga more than 20 times. They are allowed to decorate the logo with one star for every five championships, and with 23 championships to their name, Bayern have earned the right to the four stars. In the back of the neck we find the motto “Mia San Mia”, which translates into, we are who we are.

The iconic Bayern München logo takes departure in the Bavarian flag with white and blue domino checks. The same pattern has also been incorporated into the shirt itself, where the pattern is elegantly displayed with a slightly darker red colour. This brings another dimensions to the shirt and is a very fresh adding to otherwise very traditional design.

Similar to most of the other teams in the German Bundesliga, the club nave is written above the shoulders, where we are otherwise accustomed to see the player name. Instead, the player name is written beneath the number on the Bayern München shirts. Another classic touch on this shirt is the club sponsor, T-Mobile, who have, since 2009, decorated the front, and it has become hard to picture a Bayern shirt without it.

The new home shirt is designed and made with Adidas' ground breaking ClimaCool material, which is exceptionally good at wicking sweat and moisture from your body. In addition, it is very low weight hereby making the shirt very comfortable to wear. You can, for example, wear it for the Champions League final on May 25th, as we will ship before the date, and are expecting to be able to deliver to EU customers before the day of the final.

You can pre-order your Bayern München home shirt 13/14 right here, which will ship before Champions League Final.

Bayern München have already secured the Bundesliga championship, and have made it to the final in both the German cup, as well as, the Champions League; and expectations for the teams next season are sky high. The team will fight for these expectations in this new home shirt, of which we are big fans of. What do you think of it? Feel free to throw us a comment in the box below.