In the midweek there was a buzz around the small river Panke in Berlin's wedding-district. The reason? Three local hero's return home to the pitch, where they learnt how to play football as kids – Nike invited the Boateng-brothers back to Die Panke to see their #MyGround.

It was the first time in many years, that the Boateng-brothers – big brother George, Kevin-Prince and Jerome – where all gathered in their old neighbourhood. They were back in the place that taught them how to play football.

Here they spent just about every waking hour and especially Kevin-Prince and Jerome learnt how to play the hard way; if you fell over and got hurt, you had to get up and play on.

Panke had a massive influence on our game and we learnt to play on, even if the blood was running down our knees. We spent all our time here and it has definitely made us better footballers.” said Kevin-Prince.

The arrival of the brothers spread like wildfire around the city and suddenly hundreds of Boateng-fans showed up around the small asphalt pitch. Only Kevin-Prince and Jerome became professional players, but George was the glue, that held them together and introduced the two youngest Boateng's to football at The Panke. All three did go for a kick about and showed off the new Nike FC247-collection, with the Lunargato II and Elastico Finale II on their feet.

To mark the return of the Boateng brothers to Berlin and The Panke, Nike had set up a event-area, where the three brothers got a chance to decorate a room of their own, which says something about each of them as individuals. Here you can, if you didn't already know, that Kevin-Prince spends a lot of time on his hair, Jerome is a sneaker freaker and loves Nike shoes and George is a massive music fan.

We were at the event and got a chance to talk to the brothers, as well as, got an exclusive interview with Jerome Boateng – not many hours after having played in a Champions League semi-final – and we will naturally be showing it to you all soon.

Where is your #MyGround? Feel free to tell us, where you play football, whether it be a massive eleven-a-side pitch, or a rough asphalt court. Keep your eyes on our site too, as we will have much more from the event in the heart of Berlin.