If anyone knows their running shoes, it is Nike. The American brand is especially good at focusing on the foots natural movement. Now they take innovation to yet another level with the introduction of their Flyknit Trainer. A light, flexible trainer, which really raises the bar and with a sharp design, it has also taken over the fashion world.

It's almost too good to be true; a running shoe that you do not even notice you are wearing, but which at the same time delivers all the support you need; and then to make things better it is fashionable to boot. This is, in the meantime, completely true. Nike's Flyknit is the latest Nike innovation and there's much more to it than just stunning looks.

We can start off with the name, Flyknit. It is the name of the technology, or upper material to be more precise, which sets it apart from the rest. Nike have dug deep into their extensive archives and design ideas, to find this impressive, knitted material, which they now for four years have built on and developed. They have worked tirelessly to make it the ultimate partner for the modern runner, who jogs in streets and alleys; a running shoe you don't notice you're wearing.

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The Nike Flyknit Trainer weighs just 220 grams and therefore marks itself as one of the very lightest running shoes on sale. It has been Nike's vision to create a running experience, which is as close to barefoot running as at all possible. They do, however, wish to keep the positive things about the regular running shoe; shock absorbency and adequate support.

The Flyknit-material makes up the entire upper and it gives an unrivalled moveability and flexibility. The knitted material is, however, not the same all over and there is a very good reason for that. Flyknit is soft, where the foot needs to move, but the places that demand added support are also covered. It may sound easy, but it is something Nike's design team have spent 4 years perfecting and fine-tuning.

The Nike Flyknit Trainer has been designed by a number of Nike's real big guns; Tinker Hatfield, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Parker. They are not only responsible for the revolutionising and innovative running capabilities, but also the aesthetically pleasing design, which has made it a very popular shoe in the fashion world-

Nike themselves call the Flyknit Trainer the ultimate everyday running shoe, where weight, breathability and flexibility combine. With the almost endless opportunities of colourways, you can always find something which matches your personal style and really no one can argue with that. As a running shoe it performs at the highest level and that matched with the sharp design, means it gets an dimension of versatility, as it can easily be part of your everyday clothing.

Does the Nike Flyknit seem like the trainer for you? You can see the whole selection of Flyknit colourways here.

Nike Flyknit is arguably the coolest sneaker around right now and you can naturally get it here. Whether you use it as a running shoe, fashion shoe, or both, you are well covered. What do you think? Which colourway do you like best? Share your comment in the box down below.