The battle for control of the speed boot market has in the last couple of years really tightened up and more and more brands are trying to get the upper hand with increasingly more impressive boots. Now Diadora also want in on the action – please welcome the Diadora DD-NA that weighs just 185 grams.

The Italian brand Diadora have always been known for creating football boots of the very highest order and after a couple of quiet years, they are back with a vengeance – first with the DD-Evoluzione, which was given a good reception and now with their lightweight boot, DD-NA.

The boot will be coming in three different colourways. The Orange/White probably has the most subtle of designs when compared to the other two, with a classic look and naturally also the usual Italian sense of fashionable finesse.

Is the Diadora DD-NA GLX14 something you like? You can get your pair right here – just €163

The goal with the DD-NA was, as with any other lightweight boot, to make it as light as possible and Diadora have done a sterling piece of work on that front. The DD-NA is in and among the lightest end of the scale, with an impressively low weight of just 185 grams.

The upper has been made with the microfibre material SuprellPro3L, which is made with a fibrestructure that makes it very supple and able to adapt well to your foot regardless of shape.

SupreLlPro3 is 0.9 mm, which combines with an inside padding of 0.3 mm to make an upper that is just 1,2 mm “thick”. As a result of this you get an incredibly precise ball feel, so you can slice open defences with sharp touches and incisive passes.

With an upper that thin it needed some support to stay upright and this is something Diadora have provided in the shape of the Morpho Cage S-technology, which is a microfibre band that has been melted into the upper and acts as a skeleton for the boot.

Morpho Cage S furthermore ensures that the boot sits tight to the foot and like that gives an effective use of power, as the boot becomes extremely responsive.

The sole of the Diadora DD-NA is made up of Diadora's innovative Net Breathing System-technology. This technology is made to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature, so you can focus on what is important: the game!

The Net Breathing System is made of three layers. The first is a water tight GEOX-membrane, which allows sweat and moisture to escape from the boot – but not water to seep in. This is because sweat- molecules are smaller than water-molecules. On top of this membrane there is a protection fibrenet, which makes sure that dirt, mud and small stones don't ruin the inside membrane. The last layer is the outsole itself, which is perforated, so the GEOX-membrane can work optimally.

For a lightweight boot speed is essential and here the DD-NA's stud-configuration comes into play. It has been made with diamond shaped studs, which ensure a good grip in the pitch, without needlessly pressuring your joints, like some bladed studs might otherwise do.

Underneath the front foot pad on the DD-NA GLX14 Diadora have placed four round studs, which facilitate unobstructed and effortless turns. A round stud is better at rotating in the ground then a bladed one, which makes the pressure on the joints much smaller. This makes the GLX14 stud-configuration's acceleration and ability to twist and turn very strong.

Is the Diadora DD-NA GLX14 something you like? You can get your pair right here – just €163

Diadora have with the DD-NA created a really interesting lightweight boot, which with a very supple upper, low weight and innovative sweat transporting technology in the heel, will try to get a foothold in the mercilessly brutal speed boot market. We are impressed – but what do you think? Share your thoughts in the box down below.