Football is so much more than just a game played on the wonderful green grass – because much of the football around the world is played in the street, courts, or on turf pitches, in fact wherever it is possible. This is why Nike have introduced their FC247 collection, which is a range of footwear that specialises on covering every form of football – anytime, anywhere.

Because football is played so many different places around the world, there are many diverse surfaces used and Nike have worked tirelessly to bring you the ultimate equipment no matter where you are.

Therefore you will find, within the new FC247-collection, shoes that are perfect for artificial grass, street football and indoor play – and this is something Nike have tried to capture with a small video, which shows the different sides of the beautiful game.

The new Nike Lunargato II is designed with street football in mind and is made with a soft, nice upper, which gives you a comfortable fit and elegant touch – which is vital when playing the high tempo street game.

For indoor play Nike have developed the new Elastico Pro II, which has the brilliant Nike Skin-upper that ensures a precise touch and a tight, yet comfortable fit.

If you play on artificial grass, the Bomba Finale II is your weapon of choice. It is equipped with an innovative stud-configuration, as well as an upper of Nike Skin, which even has the known and loved ACC-technology incorporated. It is perfect at facilitating the small twists and turns to leave defenders humiliated in your wake.

FC247 is about the close control game and this is an aspect the video captures well, with the cramped cardboard box being no hindrance. Here the players move freely in the otherwise confined space, while the background symbolises the way that football can be played anytime, anywhere.

FC247 is for you, if you live and breathe football, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and the FC247 footwear will be the perfect companions, when taking on the indoor floors, the turf, or the street.

What do you think about Nikes latest video – and is the FC247 concept something you like? Share your thoughts about football anytime, anywhere, with us down below.