We have updated our massive Vapor IX-universe and have now added the third and final launch colourway Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green. We have done a cool unboxing-video with the new boot, so you can see it from every angle, get yourself a new wallpaper and much, much more.

When Nike Mercurial Vapor IX stormed onto the boot market, we made an entire universe dedicated to the prominent lightweight boot. It landed in two colourways to begin with, but very shortly after we presented a third; Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green. It sets itself apart on other areas than just the design, but it is still well deserving of a spot in our Vapor IX-universe.

We have already made an unboxing of the nice boot, which you can see above. It is one of the more subtle colourways from the Mercurial-collection and you could imagine this would be quite the hit with many.

The new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green is very different from the other two Vapor IX models. Its technologies are, like the design, also different. It does not have the Speed-Control upper, but has rather kept a hold of the Teijin-synthetic with a leather emulating finish, like the one we knew and loved from the Vapor VIII.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green also holds onto the revolutionising ACC-technology, which is a special innovation that has been incorporated into the upper during production. You could say that it is a perfect mix, if you loved the upper from the Vapor VIII, but at the same time wanted the stunning Vapor IX design.

On the bottom of the boot it, yet again, bares great resemblance to the Vapor VIII, where there has just been used a single layer of fibreglass. We have everything you need to know about the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green in our massive Vapor IX-universe here, where you can get yourself a smart wallpaper, get a 360 degree tour, a review of the AG-model and much, much more.

The Vapor IX-universe can be found right here, what are you waiting for?

Review, unboxing, 360-degree tour, wallpapers and much more. What more could you ask for? We would love to hear what you think about the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green? Is it the best of the new colourways? Share your thoughts in the comment-section below.