A searing colourway for a blazing quick football boot could hardly be more appropriate, as the boot here stands testament to. Puma have given their EvoSpeed 1 a brand new set of colours, which will cover the synthetic microfibre version – as well as the leather model and you can read all about the elegant Red/Blue/White colourway right here.

Puma's EvoSpeed-collection has seen tremendous support in its relatively short lifespan and continues the positive development, so we are definitely predicting much success for it in the years to come. Backed up by stars like Sergio Agüero, Olivier Giroud and Radamel Falcao you have to say it boasts an explosive line-up.

You can already pre-order Puma EvoSpeed 1 Red/Blue/White here with an expected delivery in the beginning of April – just €174

Puma EvoSpeed 1 is the German brands speedboot, but they achieve the necessary low weight without compromising on their standards when it comes to comfort. It is built with three areas in focus; Light, Flex & Fit. With a weight of just 190 grams it is safe to say, that they can tick the first box. Furthermore Puma have chosen to use a Duoflex-outersole that provides formidable flexibility, which means we can tick of the second box too.

The Germans have also launched the Evospeed 1 with two different uppers; one with an upper made with microfibre and another with a kangaroo leather upper. This gives you the freedom of choice, which one is your favourite; the sharp, minimalistic touch from the microfibre, counter the soft, natural touch on the leather-version?

The two different models also bring a slightly different fit and this is definitely also something you should keep in mind when choosing. The microfibre model sits very close to your feet, much like a sock, where the nice kangaroo leather will rather shape itself to accommodate to your foot and give you an optimised fit.

To achieve the best possible stability Puma have used an outersole made from the material PEBAX. It is super light, but still very flexible. It has been named DuoFlex and it delivers pure class. The boot follows the foots natural curvatures, which gives a phenomenal kick off when accelerating, so you can ignite the ground in your wake, with your scintillating speed, leaving defenders hopeless.

On the frontfoot, the microfibre model has been given a textured surface. This improves the ball control, because the friction between boot and ball is increased, which helps you remain in full control, even when dribbling at full throttle. This will help you in wet weather as well, where the small bumps also increase your grip despite the wet conditions.

When it comes to the weight, Puma also do a sterling job. The modest weight of the EvoSpeed 1 is just 190 grams and this gives you an incredibly light feeling, when your wearing the boot. You feel like you are quick on your feet and this gives you an added advantage against your opponent, that might just decide the match. They have managed to make the boot comfortable too, despite the low weight. You get a super comfortable fit, especially when considering it's a microfibre boot.

Puma have designed a stud-configuration, which combines the classic, conical studs for stability and comfort with tear-shaped studs, which grip the pitch well and help you greatly when you need to accelerate. On top of that the last is also a little broader than other lightweight boots on sale, which makes it a very attractive alternative, if you have wide feet, but still want a light speedboot.

You can already pre-order Puma EvoSpeed 1 Red/Blue/White here with an expected delivery in the beginning of April – just €174

It can be quite the conundrum, to separate the two and find a favourite between the microfibre and leather model, because both do different things equally well. If you're struggling to make up your mind, you can watch the two videos, which might help you make your mind up. Do you already have a favourite, which? Share your comment in the box down below.