The season is up and running again, and many are playing friendlies to get back in shape. This will most probably take place on artificial grass and in connection with that Jakob takes a look at the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green with AG-studs. What is the verdict? You can find out down below.

The season restart is already paramount to a good end to the football season, and therefore many teams are already kicking off with training friendlies and serious training. Many of these games take place on artificial grass, which is much better suited to handling the ghastly winter weather, than regular grass.

Playing on artificial grass is however very detrimental to boots with FG-studs – and this is why the biggest brands have begun taking the top range models with AG-studs, which are especially made for use on artificial grass.

One of these is Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Metallic Platinum/Black/Electric Green AG, which Jakob takes a closer look at today. Here he takes a look, at how the boot differs from the other two Vapor IX-models – whether it even can be called a Vapor IX – as well as how the stud-configuration fares on the pitch.

Jakobs review can be seen down below, where the verdict on the AG-studs will be brought.

What do you think about the new Vapor IX with AG studs? And what do you use, when you play on artificial grass? Feel free to share your thoughts down below.