When Warrior, last summer, took over the clothing sponsorship in Liverpool, a lot of people, at least in Europe, had to google the name to get an idea of who they were. Warrior was founded back in 1992 and until 2012 the company had only made equipment for hockey and lacrosse – but today is a very different story. Warrior have put their first boot on the market – it is called Skreamer Pro, and today, Jakob will take a closer look at it.

Warrior have been rather aggressive since they entered the market for football equipment just over half a year ago. The clothing sponsorship with Liverpool got signed, and then the aim was the football boot market.

Warrior entered the new market with the Warrior Sports Skreamer Pro, which was quickly put on the feet of Jonas Gutierrez and Marouane Fellaini. Now Vincent Kompany and Nikica Jelavic have also been signed, and Warrior are not looking to slow things down.

With their Skreamer Pro K-Lite, the Americans promise a kangaroo leather boot with a weight of just 215g, a delicious touch, good comfort and loads of innovation. The boot is equipped with a new heel construction, a carbon fibre sole and a new stud configuration – all together, a very interesting boot, so check out the review and find out what Jakob thinks of the new boot.

Check out the video to see Jakob's verdict on the Warrior Sports Skreamer Pro K-Lite. Have you checked out the boot yet, and what do you think of Warrior Sports and there arrival on the market? Feel free to share you thoughts in the comment box below.