Africa Cup of Nations 2013 is already well underway, and so is the good mood, the football and naturally the musical festivities too. Puma have had a chat with a couple of the players, from The Ivory Coast and Ghana, to talk about who fulfils what roles in the team – which, as you could imagine, brings plenty of humorous moments.

Puma sponsor quite a few of the national team competing in the African Cup of Nations, and in this connection they have made a handful of videos from the various camps, to give a better insight into the teams. The videos find out who the good, the bad, and the ugly is among the camp, and as is the custom, the players all take it in good spirit.

Some of the questions Puma asked The Ivory Coast and Ghana include, who's the laziest is, who eats the most, sleeps the longest, has the ugliest hair, sings the best and who the worst dancer is – and they truly are brutally honest, when they give their opinion on their team mates and compatriots.

The mood seems cheerful in both camps, and it will be exciting to follow the Ivorians and Ghanaians, who both field very strong teams in this years tournament.

What do you think about some of the revelations the players make in the videos above? And where you surprised about some of the titles – like for example Asamoah Gyan as the best singer in the Ghanaian team? Feel free to share your thoughts with us down below.