Adidas have launched a virtual celebration for Lionel Messi's big year, where the Argentinian megastar scored no less than 91 goals. The site provides a nice and entertaining overview of Messi's year and includes lots of statistics. Visit Messi Matrix 2012 and see more.

The Messi Matrix 2012 has everything from number of goals to the exact number of times he touched the ball during the year. Not only does the site provide a nice overview of the year, but the Messi Matrix 2012 also lets you view statistical data of specific time periods from the year.

The Messi Matrix includes a large amount of statistics which is both gathered from matches for FC Barcelona and Argentina, and hereby both La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, the Spanish Supercup, as well as, national team matches. Everything is displayed with nice graphics that guide you through the Messi universe.

In addition, you will find pictures of all of Messi's goals – and you will also find an overview of how many goals Messi has scored with each Adizero colourway throughout the year, as well as, an overview of when the boots were used. A very entertaining feature – and it reveals that Messi netted the most in the Blue/Red colourway.

The Messi celebrations could not have come at a better time as Messi just won the FIFA Ballon d'OR 2012 last night, thus having won it 4 times in a row. It is also very interesting to see how the different brands have celebrated their nominated players with a boot and a database with statistics. Which celebration do you think is the best?

Visit Messi Matrix 2012 right here – and let the impressive graphics guide you through Messi's amazing year. What do you think of Messi's year?