Nike have introduced their new ACC, All Conditions Control technology, which has revolutionised the world of football. For the first time ever, they have managed to provide a football boot with the same grip in wet weather conditions, as in the dry. The good news has also reached the top professionals, and in the video below you can hear what Barcelona player Piqué thinks of the ACC technology.

One of the, currently, best defenders in the world is named Gerard Piqué and despite an age of just 25, he has accomplished quite a bit. He is reigning Europe- and World champion and has previously played for Manchester United. These days he plays for the magical FC Barcelona team in Catalonia, where he functions as the defensive general while wearing a pair of Nike Tiempo legend IV ACC Soar/White.

It is the first of it's kind, meaning that it is the first boot from the Tiempo collection with the integrated ACC technology. Hereby, Piqué now has the joy of having equal ball control in both wet and dry weather conditions, which is something he surely enjoys. Among other things, he says the following: “ I prefer playing in the rain, as it suits our way of playing better. The ball can be played faster and that is our style.”

Piqué also mentions some of the very rainy moments in his career, which he especially experienced in England, a country known for at its vast amounts of rainfall all year around. He has been very satisfied with the new ACC technology on his Nike Tiempo legend IV, which we find very understandable.

Obviously we are more than satisfied with the new ACC technology and can hardly live without it now. But, have you tried out Nike's latest invention? If so, what do you think of the technology? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.