Today's Christmas Inspiration goes out to all the goalkeepers out there. It takes a great deal of maintenance to make your gloves last, when it comes grip and durability. Luckily for you, we have the solution. With the smart Sells Glove wash, your gloves will be clean as a whistle and if you then afterwards supplement it with Glove Glu you can give them a renewed and revived life span.

With our smart Glove Maintenance Pack you can give any goalkeepers the perfect present, that gives the dirty and worn gloves resurrected grip. The pack includes a bottle of Sells Glove wash, that is designed especially for cleaning and rinsing the latex-surface on goalkeepers gloves, which prolongs their time of use. In the pack you will also find a Glove Glu spray, that was a nominee, in our; most innovative product of the year, competition.

Glove Glu just needs to be sprayed on the gloves and scrubbed in and then you will quickly experience a significantly increased grip. The best part is, that you can use them on new, as well as old gloves. You can with it, not only makes older gloves last longer, but also give your brand new gloves an extra lift.

You can order your Glove Maintenance Pack right here and with it, you are guaranteed to make any goalkeeper a very happy man. If you order it before the Tuesday the 18th of December, you can have it before Christmas, if you live in the EU and then with a shipping price of just €6.

There's just ten days until Christmas Eve and it's really starting to feel like Christmas here at Unisport. We continue with the daily Christmas Inspiration, that today was directed at the good old goalies. Are your gloves in need of a bit of a refresh? Share your thoughts in the box below.