The new GS2 has most certainly been the talk of the town lately, with its revolutionising and environmentally friendly features, as well as, a super low weight of just 160g. But how is the boot actually produced? Nike has created a little picture series so you can follow the Nike GS2 all the way from bean to boot.

The first step is to completely reconsider your view on football boots. Should they have wings, should the studs resemble shark teeth, and should the upper be like a layer of skin? The ideas are plenty and during the idea phase only imagination sets the limit.

Step 2 could be name; F.... the rules. As in, forget the rules, of course. Meaning that you need to show the red card to whatever is considered 'normal' in the creation of a football boot, and really think outside of the box. Never mind the rules – let's make some new ones.

The next step is to listen to the best athletes from the game. They are the ones who wear the boots on a daily basis, and they are the ones who know exactly what they are looking for in a football boot. How can you feel faster, control the ball better or even reach a lower weight?

Next up comes the challenge; You have the idea, but how on earth do you get from technology to something that is actually doable? Innovation is a very broad term and new ideas can come from any corner of the world.

Through this innovative process something as unconventional as a bean came up, the castor bean to be more precise. Not only can it provide speed, control and low weight, but it is also degradable and hereby better for our planet. Lighter, stronger material – all coming from a small bean.

Lightest, greenest, fastest. Beans, bottles and bio-material. This is not fast-food – this is the recipe for the Nike GS2, and surely a grocery list like this would raise an eyebrow or two at the local grocery store.

Clearly, the Nike GS2 does not not come from the local grocery store – the boot is perfected with precision in Nike's factory in Montebelluna in Italy, where all GS 2 boots are hand crafted. Perfezione, as the Italians would probably say.

The last step takes place on the pitch, where the Nike GS2 is deadly in all conditions – no matter if it's raining or if the sun is shining. It's now up to the players to deliver. GS2 – deadly on the pitch, and not the planet.

Have you also fallen for the super nice Nike GS2? Then you can get your very own pair right here – the boot is in-stock and ready for speedy delivery.

Which of the Nike GS2-players do you think suits the boot the best – and is there any other players you would like to have seen on the GS2SQUAD? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion in the comment box below.