It's time for today's special Christmas offer, and it's a sure hit today. We have cut off half the price on the super popular Metasox, which will only cost you €13. So get off your marks and enjoy this offer, which will only be available until tomorrow.

Metasox have revolutionised the football market and the idea of the regular football sock. The sock is built around three key principles; Precision, Power and Protection. The secret weapon is a silicone pad located on the instep. In addition, Metasox come in a vast selection of colours, and surely you can find a pair or two that will match your club kit.

You can order your pair of Metasox at half price right here – just €13.

Metasox provide you with a larger sweetspot, as well as, giving you a cleaner, more powerful strike. In addition, it also protects the rather exposed bones on your midfoot from blows and impact from studs, hereby preventing unnecessary foot injuries.

Metasox can hereby become a very valuable partner in your training bag, and we are not afraid to say that once you have tried Metasox, you will not go back to wearing regular football socks. You can order your pair of Metasox right here for just €13 – you save a whopping 50%.

Christmas is coming up and surely a pair of Metasox will be a sure hit beneath the Christmas tree. Are you getting a pair? And what else is on your Christmas wish-list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.