December is getting closer and it's time to get your Christmas calendar. We have super delicious chocolate Christmas calendars in stock from both Manchester United and FC Barcelona, hereby giving you the opportunity to show your support for your club during the Christmas month.

Manchester United and FC Barcelona are among the most popular football clubs in the world and a chocolate Christmas calendar from one of the clubs is sure to be a hit and will help you get up even on a cold December morning. The calendars are now ready in stock and the price is as low as €3. You can find them right here and if you're fast, you can have them shipped around the beginning of December.

Whether you prefer Manchester United or Barcelona, this is your chance to get a daily chocolate treat and both teams will follow you all the way to December 24th. You can order your chocolate Christmas calendar right here for just €3.

Behind every door you will find a piece of delicious milk chocolate and what better way to start your day than with a nice piece of chocolate with your breakfast, or you can save your piece till later during the day, in case you don't feel like chocolate in the morning. On each piece of chocolate you will find the respective club logo, which will remind you of your beloved club every day. Are you going for Manchester United or FC Barcelona? Anyhow, the price is just €3.

On the coming Saturday the calendar will show December 1st and you will be allowed to open up the first door of the calendar. A daily chocolate fix and a good reminder of your favourite club. You can choose your chocolate Christmas calendar right here just €3.

We are certainly ready for December, which will bring us midweek matches, Christmas calendars and great offers. If you're quick to order, you can also get a chocolate Christmas calendar for the beginning of December. Are you going for Manchester United or FC Barcelona? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.