This summer Nike surprised everyone with the launch of their ultralight Green Speed, and now they are following up on the extremely limited boot, with a volume two, – It's adequately named the Nike GS2. The boot is both the lightest and most environmentally friendly boot, Nike have ever made, and with a colour update, as well as being equipped with ACC on the upper, there's definitely that feeling of something special about it. You can read all about the boot right here – and remember to give your opinion in the comment-section.

After the success of Nike GS, the American brand has been quick to get their designers to work on a colour update, and now 6 months after the original launch, they bring us the new Nike GS2, that continues in the same vein of being environmentally friendly, as well as, having Nikes revolutionising All Condition Control-technology, worked into the upper.

Nike GS2 will be worn by a very exclusive team, of some of the best young players in Europe – Theo Walcott, Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling, Mario Götze, El Sharaawy and Christian Eriksen, make up the exclusive squad of unmeasurable talent, that have been given the chance to wear the Green Speed, that apart from them only counts in Brazilian Neymar, who was the sole user of the first Nike Green Speed.

The boot's been given a colour update, so it is now black and white, with ACC written in big letters on the lateral side of the boot. This ACC-logo has been given a Safari-print design, that's cemented itself as an iconic Nike-pattern.

Nike GS2 has been constructed as the ultimate speed boot, and is therefore stripped of all unnecessary elements, to save both weight and resource waist. The idea is to give an explosive performance on the pitch, as well as, doing your part to minimise the human impact on our planet – and that's how they got Nike's lightest boot to date, at just 160 grams in a euro-size 42,5.

Nike GS2 is produced in Italy, where the boot is made and constructed entirely from recycled and degradable materials. The sole is made to give increased strength and agility on the pitch – but most impressively it does all this, while being made of half biodegradable TPU and half Pebas Rnew, that is a material produced from 97% castorbeans. We'll just repeat that for you, to let it sink in completely; a sole made of beans... As if that wasn't enough, the inside sole is produced from 100% beans and is therefore the epitomisation of simplicity.

The boots upper is made with a front foot of Kanga-Lite, that gives an elegant and sharp touch on the ball. The midfoot on the GS2 is produced with a synthetic material, that consists of 70% recyclables, and the special TPU-bands give you the desired “lockdown-effect,” that keeps your foot in place, thus giving stability.

As something new, in connection with the Nike GS, the boot has been equipped with All Conditions Control on the upper, which is Nike's technology, that gives optimised ball control in all conditions. The technology is worked into the upper during production, and ensures the same friction between the ball and boot, in wet weather, as well as in dry weather conditions.

In addition to the large, bold ACC logo on the lateral side, Nike have also changed the graphics on the medial side of the boot, where the Nike logo has been slightly enlarged and made more recognisable. This fits in well with the rest of the boot, which is kept in a classic black/white design.

Does the Nike GS sound like something for you? Then you can pre-order the boot from tonight at 00.01 (CET), and you will only have to wait for December 1st, where the boot will land in our warehouse.

There is no doubt that Nike are more than serious regarding their GS2, and the Americans have proved that it is possible to make a boot that impresses both in terms of weight and care for the environment. We are certain you can expect to see these boots be involved in a long range of impressive situations on the feet of some of the most promising young footballers in Europe. Eriksen, Hazard, Götze, Walcott, Sterling, and El Sharaawy will all enter the pitch in the most environmentally friendly boots Nike have ever made.

With big games coming up in the weekend, there's a good chance that we might already see Nike GS2 in action on the feet of the GS2 Squad, and we will definitely be keeping an extra sharp eye on the 6 chosen players. What do you think of the Nike GS2, the new design and the boot's concept? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the box below.