Adidas have just revealed a new home shirt for the reigning European and World champions from Spain. The shirt will be used in 2013 including the Confederations Cup held the same year. Now it is our pleasure and duty to take a look at this new shirt that Torres, Xavi, Iniesta and Villa, among others, will be wearing very soon.

While national teams all over the globe are fighting to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Spanish Europe and World Champions have the honour of visiting the southern American host nation in 2013 already. Brazil will also, as tradition prescribes, host the Confederations Cup, where they will host the 6 winners of the various FIFA confederations to compete. So far, invitations have been sent to Brazil, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Uruguay, Tahiti and Italy, and the last invitation will go to the winner of the African Cup of Nations, still to be found.

You can already pre-order the Spain home shirt 2013 right here with expected delivery primo December – from just €73.

At a large scale launch event, Adidas presented Spain's new home shirt for 2013 together with some of the best freestyle artists and football stars from Spain. We will take a closer look at the shirt, which we suspect might already get its début in the next round of national team friendlies, starting out this week as Panama will host the Spanish team.

The new Spain home shirt includes a number of changes, first of all the colour. Adidas have chosen to go with a slightly brighter red colour, more in line with the older shirts' classic colour, and different from the somewhat darker home shirt that Spain used for this summer's Euro Cup. Hereby, the new shirts matches the yellow and dark blue accent colours even better.

Furthermore, Spain will have the opportunity to defend the 2010 World champions title with an appropriate logo under the Adidas logo on the right chest. The Spanish national team have been looking very strong over the past few years and it can be hard to imagine who will be able to stop the highly skilled football magicians. Adidas have been inspired by the immense success which is especially displayed around the neck area.

The sunglow yellow colour marks a deep v-neck, which symbolises a gold medal around the neck. We really love this detail that really brings character to the shirt. Some might take a more pessimistic view and call this feature arrogant, but we reckon that Spain, if any, are more than allowed to make move like this.

The inspiration for this shirt does not only take departure in the great success of the last few years, but also from earlier shirt designs. Since 2008, the shirt hasn't been changed much from season to season, but when you see the comparison, the development is clear, as displayed by David Villa in the picture above. The trained boot spotter will also note the Barcelona player's boot choice, as it could very much look like the new Adidas F50 Adizero, only in another colourway.

You can already pre-order the Spain home shirt 2013 right here with expected delivery primo December – from just €73.

The new home shirt may already get its début this Wednesday, but until then we can enjoy the pictures of the brand new shirt. What do you think of the new design for the Spanish heroes? Will there be more gold coming their way? And what do you think David Villa is wearing on his feet in the picture? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment field just below.