It's friday and to celebrate that we would like to, out of the goodness of our hearts, offer you massive savings on this weeks friday-offer. Looking outside, we cant help but notice that the weather is getting worse by the minute, so to stop our beloved followers from getting ill, this weeks friday-offer, comes in the form of both the high quality neck warmer and super smart sports hat. From now on and the rest of Friday, you can save 40% on the Craft Warm Multifunction Neck Warmer and just as much on the Craft sports hat.

Craft have since 1973, been developing their materials, so you can be absolutely certain they know what they are doing. The company is based in Sweden and are therefore, as you could Imagen, experts on cold weather by now. When the temperature starts crawling ever closer to the dreaded zero, Craft know what it takes to keep you performing to the max.

That's why we have bumped down the price by 40% on the Craft Warm Multifunction Neck Warmer so it now only costs €19, and also knocked 40% off the price of the Craft sports hat all the way down to €11, to make sure you can stay warm and healthy throughout the cold months of winter. - But you've got to be quick, because remember, tonight at midnight the offer ends.

In the English Premier League, where it easily gets bellow freezing point in the winter months, many players are opting to use neck warmers, like Crafts Warm Multifunction Neck Warmer, this is because as a player in the worlds biggest leagues, you simply don't have time to be poorly. So do what pros like; Ashley Young, Yaya Toure, Pepe Reina and Mario Ballotelli do, and make a real coup while keeping yourself as free from illness, as possible, throughout the winter, while still looking good.

Most body-heat escapes your body from the top of your head and to stop that from happening you'll struggle to find better options, than the Craft sports hat. Equally important is your neck area, that is one of the most common causes of illness, if not wrapped up and for that, an average scarf just won't do. So are you not tempted by the prospect of a sickness free winter? And what do you think of the two Craft products? Feel free to tell us in the comment-section down bellow.