Not long ago we were able to reveal the new Cristiano Ronaldo clothing line from Nike. It includes everything from super nice training gear to warm winter jacket, stylish sweatshirts and cool t-shirts. Are you struggling with the magnitude of it all? Read along, where we dig a little deeper into the new collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo has in the last couple of years been a style-icon both on and off the pitch and when you're the footballing worlds biggest trendsetter, then it's only natural, that you don't only get your own custom made colourway of the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII, but you also get a personalised clothing-line, with one of the worlds biggest sports brands, Nike. We have put the entire collection together, for your viewing pleasure, on our new CR7-campaign site, that you can find right here, so you quickly and easily can get an overview of the whole thing.

The CR7-collection has just been presented and so you can get a better impression of, what it entails, our skilled photographer has taken some shots, so we can guide you through it all, as it ranges from; nice winter boots, to smart sneakers, cool t-shirts and stylish sweatshirts. You can combine your own look, with all the smart shirts and sneakers that all can be found on our nice new CR7-campaign-site.

These days it's a must for any football passionate, to live out their football lifestyle 100%. It's no longer enough to give it your all at the training grounds and on the pitch – now it's about representing football 24/7, 365 days a year, both on and off the field of play. This is exactly what the CR7-collection radiates and encapsulates – how a football-star like Ronaldo has his football mindset with him at all times. You can do this now too, when you delve into Cristiano Ronaldos fashion-universe, like for example, the smart CR7 Saturday Jacket and the funky Nike Free sneakers, that are depicted above.

On the pitch he's a perfectionist like no other and this also reflects in his new CR7 clothing-line, where every detail has been covered. For example the “Love to Win, Hate to Lose”-logo is apparent on most of the nice T-shirt and sweatshirts. You can in the video above hear what chief-designer, Andy Caine, had to say about the collection and the collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.

To finish of with we just want to once more remind you, that you can find the entire collection, right here on our new campaign-site, where you can flick through a smart, interactive lookbook, get the new wallpaper and much, much more.

he's a living legend, charmer, trendsetter, style-icon and above all a super talented footballer. Once again he hits the nail on the head, with the top nice and fashionable clothing-line in collaboration with Nike. What do you think? And what do you think about our CR7 campaign-site? Tell us in the comment-section down bellow.