It's once again time for the weekends boot-spots, where we've searched high and low, to bring you last weeks absolute best spots. The reward has been; fantastic custom boots, peculiar modifications and good old classics and you can find them all right here.

Allan Marques Loureiro (Udinese) – Adidas Copa Mundial Black/White It's not too often we see this immortal classic at the highest level of football, but you can be sure when we do, it never goes unnoticed. When Brazilian Allan had pulled his own pair out of retirement, we were quick to applaud it. Just as we were when Allans team Udinese, came back from behind to beat AS Roma 3-2 after falling behind 0-2 - Well done.

Aleandro Rosi (Parma FC) – Adidas f50 Adizero Whiteout Staying in Italy, we spotted a slightly older model of the super popular Adizero-collection. This was the second version of the incredibly light football boot and to make things better, even as a whiteout. By now the attentive eye will have spotted, that on the picture the Adizero is trying to get past a pair of Copa Mundials. Adidas F50 Adizero is definitely a boot that builds on top of the classic principals of the Mundial, including the nice leather-upper. Which of the two boots, do you think will end up leaving the biggest impression on the world of football?

Sebastian Schachten (St.Pauli) – Puma V1.06 Skin Blackout Dinamo Dresden where beaten at St. Paulis home turf, by the man above, even if he didn't find the back of the net. He had pulled on a pair of the classic Puma V1.06, made of leather. A boot most people probably remember as being one of the most popular in the entire collection, but that wasn't enough for Schachten who made them Blackout, as the icing on the cake.

Luciano Oliviera (Chievo Verona) – Diadora DD-Evoluzione Black/Neon We've had a look at this gentleman before, who's turned out to be quite a loyal Diadora-user. Earlier he was seen in the super cool DD-Eleven, even though the newer version was up for grabs. Now he's succumb to the temptation of the new boot and has treated his feet to the same boot, Antonio Cassano uses: Diadora DD-Evoluzione.

Luis Suarez (Liverpool) – Adidas F50 Adizero White/Lime/Black The small Uruguayan would get a leading role in Sundays Merseyside-derby, where the reds visited Goodison Park. With a goal and a half, in just 20 minutes and a controversial celebration in-front of Everton-manager David Moyes, everything was looking really good for Suarez and his Adidas F50 White/Lime/Black, but two goals from Everton in just under a quarter of an hour, equalled the scores. The striker can be seen on the picture, picking up a coin that was hurled at him, just before he scored a goal, that was wrongly given offside. - But maybe it was only fair that the goal wasn't given, when you have a look at Coates' header leading up to the chance.

David Trezeguet (River Plate) – Topper Football Habiltdad Supreme Red/White The French striker is probably best known for his glory-days in Juventus, where he had a record of a goal every 2nd game. Back then the danger-man was always seen in a pair of Adidas Predators, but after his move to River Plate in Argentina, he's chosen to switch out the German brand and replace them with a set of Brazilian-boots. His choice was a pair of Topper Habiltdad Supreme made of kangaroos-leather and with “Trezegol” written on the side.

Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle) – Nike Mercurial VII Blackout The youngest of the two brothers in Newcastle’s team was given time on the pitch, when West Bromwich where sent home from St. James Park empty handed, after suffering 2-1 defeat. The always dangerous Senegalese duo of Demba Ba and Papiss Cissé each cashed in with a goal, but it was Sammy who scored more style-points with a pair of very well blackouted boots. This Nike Mercurial Vapor VII, that has been given a smudge of leather-paint and the result is very decent. Maybe the new Vapor VIII will be given a coat too?

Antonio Bocchetti (Pescara) – Mizuno Wave Ignitus Yellow/Black We would actually go so far as to say, this boot is the most underrated boot on sale. The first version of the boot was labelled, as a power-boot and this was mainly because of the intriguing Mukaiten-panel, that gives your kick a very unpredictable trajectory, when you hit these so called “knuckleballs” That's why we nod our heads in acknowledgement of Bocchetti, who on top of having a mega cool and mega Italian name, has also made an excellent choice in boots, with the Mizuno Wave Ignitus.

Maynor Figueroa (Wigan) – Nike T90 Laser III White/Silver/Black The Honduran defender has not only got one of the coolest names in the Premier League, but a pretty cool collection of boots too. We are guessing, he's not contracted by anyone, because he's played in quite a wide range of boots. In earlier seasons he frequently used a pair of Adidas F50 Adizero, but this weekend the tone changed. He picked out a pair of the classic Nike T90 Laser III, in a very elegant colour-combination and we would be surprised if this boot, doesn't have a special place in Maynor's heart.

Henrique (Brisbane) – Pelé Sports Trinity 3E SL Custom Black/Neon In the Australian we stumbled on something quite peculiar. Pelé Sports, which is run by the Brazilian-legend whom the company is named after, sponsors a few players world-wide and especially their nice speed-boot is very popular. Many would recognise it for it's unique stud-system, that prevents injury and trains your muscles. It does however look like, the studs didn't impress Henrique, who grabbed a pair with a custom stud-system. Have you tried the original studs? And if you did, what did you think?

José Enrique (Liverpool) – Adidas F50 Adizero Purple/Orange/Neon From Henrique to Enrique! In the hectic Merseyside-derby you needed to be on the wide awake, if you wanted a glimpse of the many boots in action. Among others we had checked out one of biggest supporters of Adizero, José Enrique. He seems to be shunning the newer versions of the Adidas F50 Adizero and opting for the older Purple/Orange/Neon colourway. - We still like it! What do you think?

Lynel Kitimbala (Dinamo Dresden) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII custom Once again we have ventured all the way to the 2. Bundesliga and once again it's with Dinamo Dresden involved. Because they have a Frenchman with a a real affection for custom boots and he showed that off in the 3-2 defeat to St. Pauli. A pair of Custom Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII with the colours White/Orange and a French flag on the side, as well as his name, was the weapon of choice, for a game that ended in defeat. - But who could possibly be sad about losing, when your boots look so good!?

Igor Lebedenko (Tedek Grozny) – Adidas F50 Adizero Whiteout There was more than one whiteout-classic in play this week and to find the second pair, we take a trip to Russia. Here's a player with probably the most Russian name in the world, Igor, who had jumped in a pair of elegantly whiteoutted boots. We always love Whiteoutted and blackoutted boots, but what do you think of them? Do boots need colour, or are they better in a basic, black or white?

Yuki Otso (VVV Venlo) – Nike Tiempo Legend IV ACC HG Soar/White Like some of you probably know, there are versions of boots, you can only get in Asia. We are talking about custom-made boots, that are only sold in the far East, because the demands of a boot there are very different, when compared to the Western world. That's why we couldn't help but wonder, whether this Nike Tiempo Legend ACC Soar/White was one of these Custom-boots. If you take a very close look at the stud-system, you can just about make out that there's a few more studs than on a normal FG boot. This is usually a characteristic of a HG stud-system, in other words hard-ground. What do you think?

We've been around the world this week and that's without even getting out of our chairs. It's been a week of exceptionally good boot-spots and we would love to have “Trezigol” written on our boots. But what do you think is this weeks best spot? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section down bellow.