The American produced carbon shin-pad has arrived with a million miles an hour! It has impressed everyone with great strength, low weight and exclusivity – and now Jakob tested it, today he brings you the verdict on the C6 pad. Watch and see if you agree.

C6 Agility is the shin-pad equivalent of a Lamborghini, and is handmade with the absolute highest quality materials. It is made of 100% carbon fibre and was made by the rocket-engineer, Larry Mercier.

He broke his leg quite seriously, when he was young, after using a cheap pad. After this horrible experience he decided, to make the perfect shin-pad. After studying for several years at university, as a space-engineer, he had a quite vast knowledge of carbon fibre, this was also helped by inside knowledge from Renaults F1-team.

That’s why he created the C6, which, with its 55 grams per pad, and astounding strength, is the undisputed low weight shin-pad champion of the world!

Now, Jakob has literally put his body on the line and today we can bring you his verdict. Is the C6 Agility worth all that money, or does it promise more than it can keep? Find out by watching the video down below.

What do you think of Jakobs verdict – do you agree, or do you think a shin-pad that costs €159, is ludicrous? Let us know in the comment field down below!