The cold of the autumn has hit us, and during these times it is very important to stay warm when you are playing football. Among the most effective football gear for this specific purpose is base layer, and the ColdGear from Under Armour is among the very best. We have created a super nice campaign site where we focus on this specific ColdGear.

Under Armour was established in 1996 with a mission to eliminate heavy and soaked under shirts – and today, 16 years later, the American company is among the pioneers on the market. The Under Armour ColdGear collection is specially made for weather conditions under 13 degrees Celsius.

The Under Armour ColdGear shirts are made with a dual-layer construction; the inner layer is soft and comfortable, as well as being, equipped with fibres that ensure that the heat your body produces, is distributed to your entire upper body. Hereby, utilising your body heat in the most optimal way. The outer layer is made of fast drying fibres, and when you sweat, the inner layers wicks the sweat onto the outer layer, where the moisture is spread to a larger area, and will hereby dry faster.

Another key feature of the shirt is the mock collar, which is a tall neck that both protects and keeps your neck warm, thus preventing you from catching a cold. In addition, the shirts have been equipped with a silicone strip around the hem, thus ensuring that the shirt won't crawl up on your stomach when playing.

Under Armour haven't stopped at the ColdGear shirts – they can also provide you with excellent tights that are perfect for the cold autumn season. The tights come both in a short and a ¾ version, as well as, a long model. They are made of the same compression and sweat wicking material as the shirts, and also provide great ventilation.

Another great piece of equipment for the cold weather conditions is Under Armour's Storm hoodie. It is made of fast drying cotton, and have been treated with the effective Storm technology, which pretty much resists water. Therefore, the Storm hoodie is perfect for a cold and rainy night, and provides the optimal conditions for keeping you both dry and warm.

In order to provide you with a nice overview of all the excellent products, we have created a Under Armour campaign site, where you can see the models, get inspired, and even find a nice new wallpaper for your desktop.

Have you ever tried Under Armour, and how do you stay warm when playing football in cold weather? We would like to hear your opinion on the new ColdGear, as well as, base layer in general in the comment field just below.