Another big launch is upon us, and this time it's the Nike CTR360 Maestri II who's up. It has just landed in a new lively White/Volt/Court Green colour – and we are eager to take a closer look. So join us, as we look at the boot that is preferred by Iniesta, Balotelli and Chamberlain, among others.

This is just the 3rd generation of the young CTR360 collection and it successfully carries on the legacy. Once again, Nike have been able to improve an already sublime football boot and now it comes in a new fresh colour. With white as the primary colour a classic court green decorates the boot together with an eye-catching volt colour, and we believe it suits the boot very well.

It has often been said that one should not fix something, which is not broken; and the saying might very well be relevant for the previous model, the Nike CTR360 Maestri II. It was a fantastic boot, but it has actually been improved all around in this new incarnation, without compromising the spirit and principles of the boot.

The upper is built from the latest generation of Kanga-Lite, known as the 2.0 version. It is now thinner, more supple and even more water resistant. It is very impressive and emulates natural leather very well, much in sync with the trend of today, which is a move away from using leather boots. In this regard, Nike CTR360 Maestri is definitely worth considering as an alternative to a leather boot.

On the lateral side of the boot the Dampening Pads, found on the previous model, have been removed. This has been done in order to obtain the closest ball feel possible. However, action has also been taken in order to improve ball control when using the lateral side of the boot. The upper has been equipped with little depressions in order to create more friction when in contact with the ball, regardless of the weather conditions.

On the medial side of the boot the Pass & Receive pads have been further developed. The same area is now equipped with the new 3D control Pads. The 3D control pads helps you to improve your ball control and stabilises your passing. The new control pads are a result of the conclusion Nike came to; that no feet are the same.

Therefore, the 3D control pads are stretched to cover, more or less, the whole medial side of the boot. Hereby, it doesn't matter how your foot is or how you pass, you will benefit from the 3D Control Pads. It general, this new technology works out extremely well.

On the bottom of the boot, the Nike CTR360 Maestri III has also developed a lot since its predecessor. A brand new stud system has been implemented, that combines the best of both worlds. The studs are neither blades nor conical studs, but may rather be characterised as combination of both.

On the medial side of the bottom the studs are rounded, as we know it from traditional conical studs, thus giving you the optimal stability and comfort from the classic stud system. On the lateral side of the bottom, the studs are more edgy or sharp, as we know from blades, hereby giving you optimal pitch grip. In addition, the outer sole has been equipped with two supportive torsion bars, that provide an exceptional stability.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on the new colourway, you don't have to; it can be pre-ordered from no later than this Thursday.

Soon we will see both Iniesta, Chamberlain, Teves, and many more with this new boot, but what about you? What do you think of the new colourway addition? Is it too flashy or does it do the trick? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment field below.