The Christiania Soccer Club is especially famous for its origin in the famous freetown Christiania, located in Copenhagen. We have their new shirts on stock and you can order them now and become a part of the long list of supporters.

Back in 1981 a group of young people from the freetown of Christiania decided to establish a football club. Since then, the club has enjoyed great popularity and has grown a lot. The sports club has developed to also include golf and skateboarding, among other sports.

The number of members quickly exploded as C.S.C. was the first football club in Denmark where you didn't have to pay a fee to be a member. Although, today the club has grown to a size where a small yearly membership fee has become necessary. Christiania Soccer Club still has a considerably low membership fee, compared to other clubs, and the remaining costs are covered by the local club sponsors.

The old C.S.C. sponsor, Alis, has found its way back on to the new 12/13 shirt. The streetwear manufacturer has been associated with the freetown Christiania and the football club for a long time. A list of famous Danes, including musician Lukas Graham, are showing their support for the club by wearing the shirt.

Below Alis, the main sponsor, Woodstock has also found its way to the shirt. Ever since the establishment in 1982, Woodstock, which is the oldest pub in Christiania, has been a part of the club and the shirt. The notorious pub has been named after the legendary rock festival, thus providing a true touch of rock n' roll to the shirt. A must for the football shirt collector who would like a rebellious touch to the collection.

Numerous famous Danes have been spotted wearing the new C.S.C. Shirt and it has become an underground phenomenon. The freetown has had its battles with the conservative Denmark, but politics aside, everyone can admire an inexpensive football club where people can come together and enjoy sports.

The material is provided by Hummel, and the charismatic CEO, Christian Stadil, is also involved in the project. The famous American rapper, Ice Cube, has even asked for a shirt.

The C.S.C. Shirt has not always been red and yellow. At first the club colours were red and white, then all red, but since 1983 the, now legendary, red and yellow colours have decorated the shirt. Wide vertical stripes display a classic, retro look, very much in line with the Hummel brand.

You can order the CSC home shirt 12/13 right here and become a part of the club. The shirts are only €66 and are ready to be delivered straight from our warehouse now.

Although the Christiania Soccer Club is not to be found anywhere near the top of Danish football, the club is very popular and displays a clear message. What do you think of the Christiania Soccer Club? How do you like their new shirt? Fell free to let us know in the comment field just below.