The highly anticipated boot has now finally arrived, and with a complete redesign of the boot it is specially made for the player who wants to dictate the game.

Maestri is Italian for 'maestro', and this boot is seen on the feet of midfielders all across the world who demand ball control and the ability to make the crucial pass.

The new Maestri III is made to provide optimal conditions for this type of midfielder, and provides a mix of increased control, superb pitch grip, as well as, good comfort and support – a true midfielder boot.

Maestri III has been equipped with a new development of Kanga-Lite, which even more than before emulates the supple and soft abilities of kangaroo leather, while still keeping its incredible durability and water repellent abilities.

These water repellent abilities are very much a result of the introduction of All Conditions Control (ACC), which is one of Nike's new concepts. This surface coating ensures an almost identical ball grip in both wet and dry weather conditions.

ACC was developed as a consequence of the demand for better ball grip in all weather conditions, as requested by a lot of professional players. Thus, a lot of players felt that they lost some of the ball grip when their boots became wet, and for a player who demands a crystal clear touch, anything counts. Therefore, Nike decided to develop a solution to the issue, and ACC was initiated.

Pass and Receive Pads from Maestri II have, on the new generation of the CTR360, been replaced by a number of 3D control pads, which, via separate panels, ensure that a maximal ball contact area is created, while the texture and the fins provide an optimal grip to the ball. Hereby, a greater ball control is obtained, regardless if you want to get control of the ball or make a pass.

The Maestri III is also equipped with a new stud system, where the circular stud configuration is gone. Instead, the choice made was to introduce round studs on the medial side and blades on the lateral, which is designed to provide premium comfort; perfect for the midfielder's constant turns and cuts through the pitch during 90 minutes.

Lastly, Nike have dropped their Dampening Pods on the instep of the Maestri. Instead the upper has a textured surface, which increases the friction between ball and foot. Hereby, the ball touch is improved, and you will get a more accurate ball feel for your dribbling, compared to the previous generations of the Maestri boot.

We have already seen the Maestri III worn by numerous players around Europe, and now since the boot has been officially launched, we expect to see all of the big stars using this boot. Both Andres Iniesta, Jack Wilshere, Paulo Henrique Ganso and Thomas Vermaelen are expected to wear the new Maestri III. Would you like to join the exclusive company?

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What do you think of the new Maestri III, now that you have read more about it? Does it do it for you, and do you think the many changes compared to the Maestri II was a wise choice? Are you going to get the boot, or are you waiting for a cooler colour option? Please share your thoughts with us in the box below.