Recently Umbro presented their newest member of the family: Medusae. Besides the somewhat alternative use of name, this football boot brings the best of two worlds together – and today Umbro added the second colour update to the silo.

In a combination of classic black and turquoise, Umbro presented their second colourway of the new Medusae this morning. Medusae is a combination of traditional and modern techniques and the dominant black update definitely makes the traditional part of the boot stand out. This is a classic look that will surely attract all the players with a weakness for the good old leather boot.

Traditionally, leather boots aren’t the lightest boots on the market and as the modern football player increasingly have been demanding lighter boots, the leather boot has been brought in to the shadow. But this new silo, the Medusae, brings the classic touch back in the light.

The boot is constructed with a premium leather upper to deliver the classic touch, while the mid foot is made with a mesh to keep the weight down to a minimum. This way, you get the best of two worlds with the Medusae and thus, it is a great option for those who love the leather touch, but aren’t fan of the heavy weight.