If there’s one word that truly characterises and encapsulates the world of football gear during the last few years, then it’s innovation. One of the biggest contributions to what has become an innovation arms-race was Nike introducing Flyknit. Yesterday marked the four year anniversary of the knitted material.

Flyknit is without question one of Nike’s proudest inventions. They have not been shy to express their love for Flyknit and throughout its now four year history it has been central to Nike’s production of sneakers and running shoes, as well as being introduced to American football, basketball, golf and of course football boots.

As a tribute to the revolutionising technology Nike has made a cool infographic, which depicts the complete history of Flyknit. The stand-out moment for us football boot enthusiasts will definitely be when we first saw Flyknit on the Magista, which is unbelievably already 2 years back. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Take a look at their infographic below and find our full selection of Flyknit products through this link.