We round off Umbro’s launches from Monday morning with their UX-2. This is their interpretation of a control/comfort boot and it is now ready in black military inspired design. See it here.

Together with the Medusæ and Velocita Umbro gave their UX-2 an update in the design. We have previously seen the UX-2 with a pixel art inspired design. This time around, however, Umbro decided to change direction and give the boot a military inspired graphic, and I must say that it doesn’t look too bad either.

If we take a look at Umbro and their UX collection, it probably won’t come as the biggest surprise that the model still has a lot to do before it can compete with alternatives such as the Magista Obra, ACE 16.1 and the evoPOWER. However, Umbro are probably already aware of this fact and are not trying to challenge either Nike, Adidas nor PUMA with the UX-2. On the other hand, Umbro has spent their energy on building a solid and reliable boot that provides exactly what it promises: Great comfort and ball touch.